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A dental crown is a protective covering used to enhance the strength and appearance of damaged teeth. Crowns are most commonly made of porcelain, stainless steel, or ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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I Would Wish to Say This is a Denture Not Dental Crown. Flutist Needs to Keep Playing and It Works! - Gurnee, IL

I am so pleased with my Dentist, he kept me playing, improved my bite and I am so happy with how I look. Other dentists/denturists really ruined how my face appeared and the wrong dentures can add years and years. I know. I am 56 and looked 65 in the old dentures and these I look great and... READ MORE

Crowns, Bridges, Fillings, Extractions - Dominican Republic, DO

Great service and overall look for my new smile. I am very satisfied with Dr. Alonso's work. I had a lot of work done and very happy with the final product which I posted some pictures below. The car service to and from airport was great. No waiting on customers. The overall service was amazing.... READ MORE

Needing a New Smile. I Am Searching for a Great Dentist in Mexico. Dental Tourism - Cancun, Mexico

Hey guys many see my smile and compliment me but have no idea just how far gone it is. But before my birthday I am getting all of this fixed. So here you will see the ugly truth of my smile and the journey to find an awesome Doctor over the border and the outcome. Wished me luck... So far I... READ MORE

Two Root Canals and Crowns Anterior. Cincinnati, OH

Started my mouth makeover which will take me 2 years. Starting with a ton of fillings, hand full of root canals and a couple of extractions. Followed by braces and veneers. Follow my story I know it will be expensive but it will be well worth it at the end so bear with me as I try to keep you... READ MORE

10 Dental Crowns - Absolutely the Best Dentist in Florida!

I am so excited and have much to say but will try to be brief. The before picture is not my before pic because I did not take one so I searched and searched for something close to my "before" in google images. The truth is my teeth looked much worse because I had a broken crown on one side, and... READ MORE

Crowns - Pompano Beach, FL

It's been a journey I was born with baby teeth in the front and had gaps I needed braces before my crowns to close my gaps as much as possible and correct my bite . I am glad I found Dr.Cunha first she is the sweetest person and she also sees kids ,my daughter loves her . My pictures that I... READ MORE

54 Year Old Male - Boca Raton, FL

Dr. Arrington made me a porcelain six unit front bridge after having to lose those teeth due to severe decay and advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Arrington made me a temporary bridge so that I never had to go without teeth while waiting for my bridge. The temporaries looked so good that he had... READ MORE

Going to Budapest for Dental Care to Close Gaps in Front Teeth Nov 2015

About 6 months ago before I discovered Realself, my husband wanted to have dental implants for his teeth. I freaked as in the UK, they cost thousands. My husband has a friend that was living in Budapest (Hungary) that was working as an agent for French people seeking dental care in Budapest. He... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening SO HAPPY! - Falls Church, VA

I have had bonds on my teeth for 30 years and was looking into veneers. My dentist said the first thing I needed to do was get a procedure called "Crown Lengthening" done. He sent me to Dr. Garrett Gouldin in Falls Church, VA. I was fairly apprehensive and not too happy that I needed this extra... READ MORE

Complete Upper and Lower Crown Replacement - Naples, FL

I didn't the like appearance of my teeth. I consulted with Dr. Rinando and in about a month I had a completely new month. Beautiful new teeth and a perfect bite! She is very skilled and a real perfectionist. Her assistant, Chris, is also extremely competent and I was very comfortable during... READ MORE

Full Dental Rehab - Pacific Dental, Tijuana MX, Dr. Oscar Torres

Am 51, and due to tmj, over the years, my lower jaw moved forward so my front teeth hit before my molars. The fronts wore down 4mm+ and became so sensitive I had to do something. I have dental insurance but to my dismay, they would cover nothing. My local dentist referred me to a prosthodontist... READ MORE

Im Doctor, 32 Years Old, 1 Baby - Dominican Republic

I did not feel safe to smile, had my teeth apart!!! I am a doctor, and my work, to have a beautiful smile is an important part of it, represents health, wellness and beauty! bi decide before !!! when i was a child, my friends made fun of me for my teeth, now all praise my beautiful smile!!!!!!!!!!!! READ MORE

Dental Implants - Costa Rica, CR

I had implants and a full month reconstruction done, and will write a longer review in a little bit. I have replaced 28 of my teeth with crowns, which are a layered zirconium, but mainly I wanted to get an opinion of how my teeth look. I have posted a picture of my before and after, and wanted... READ MORE

Long Process, but Worth It - Seattle, WA

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc. I was sent from dentist for a crown. I wasn't sure why they could not perform it. The facility was clean, nice and friendly. I was shocked that I needed to have three... READ MORE

Closing the Gap - Bronx, NY

Always had a gap in between my teeth for as long as I could remember. Went to many dentist and asked what could be done about it. I even considered a snap on smile, most dentist mentioned crowns or veneers. Ultimately I was tired of consultations and decided to invest in a smile that would last... READ MORE

6-Tooth Bridge Has Chipped 3 Times - Marietta, GA

I had a 3-tooth bridge, but had to have it replaced when I lost one of my anchor teeth. The dentist recommended a 6-tooth Zirconium Bridge. One of the teeth chipped 5 days after getting it, and another chipped before I could get the first bridge replaced. Today, the doctor painfully cut off... READ MORE

33 Y/o Female - Bartlesville, OK

When I was 12 I had my left canine tooth removed because it was coming in, in the roof of my mouth. The procedure to have that done, required cutting the roof of my mouth out, removing the permanent tooth. So after that I had a partial up until now. If you have ever had one you can relate the... READ MORE

Permanent Bridge for 6 Teeth, 3 Missing - Cody, WY

I have decided to have a permanent bridge put in after 3 years with a partial denture following an accident. In 2012, I fell and had 4 teeth that broke as a result, and the dentist had to pull 3. I cannot stand this partial and I am beginning to get cavities and decay around the areas where the... READ MORE

Dental Holiday to the Philippines. Liking the Results ^_^ - Makati, Manila, PH

I've hated my whole life. I've always had tiny teeth and big gums. My mom had the exact same problem when she was younger and had most of her upper teeth replaced with crowns before she started modeling (in the 80s haha). I got braces when I was in middle school. It pulled the gaps... READ MORE

It Changed my Life! - Edinburg, TX

I had two root canals about 1.5 years ago. I was always too afraid to get the crowns. The teeth ended up turning yellow and see through. So I knew I had I get the crowns. The whole procedure is completely painless. The only thing that hurt was the anesthesia! Seriously I don't know why I was so... READ MORE

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