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A dental crown is a protective covering used to enhance the strength and appearance of damaged teeth. Crowns are most commonly made of porcelain, stainless steel, or ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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10 Dental Crowns Mexico - Cancún, MX

I went to Cancun Mexico last week for some cosmetic work done on my teeth. I went to Cancun cosmetic dentistry about 20 minutes from the hotel zone in Cancun. I went to the dentist Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. About 15-20 hours of work. My procedure costed 5000 American dollars. I am... READ MORE

Full New Set of E-max Crowns in Mumbai India

I had a full smile makeover at the SMILE REACH DENTAL CLINIC in Mumbai its a small place but the dentist is very good, we all know how much E-max crowns can set you back but I had them on every tooth, few root filling and a couple of posts before hand, I wanted really nice white tooth and I'm... READ MORE

Follow Up Care of my Teeth

After being let down by my Original Dental Clinic, I managed to get in touch with with Dr Teresa Mendoza who was the Doctor that performed the original procedure in August 2014 So for those that need dental work I highly recommend Dr Teresa Mendoza, She has opened her own clinic, DIO IMPLANT... READ MORE

60 Year Old Male with a New Smile :) :) :) - Manila, PH

Hello Dr Susanah and Dr Teresa It has been 7 weeks since I received my new and overwhelming smile, I can't thank you enough for the communication, understanding and professionalism from you and of the Staff, always smiling, caring and friendly, and even the gentlemen at the gate. I was a... READ MORE

Dental Crown Disaster in Thailand - Dr.Sunil Dental Clinic Bangkok

"I would not recommend this clinic. Apart from the fact that the surgeon spoke no English and couldn't tell me that he didn't think the crown would succeed, they left a huge lump of cement was left under the gum (visible in x-rays taken by Dr Sunils clinic - see images) and continues to cause... READ MORE

60 Female with Front Teeth Slowly Deteriorating - Tempe, AZ

I have always had beautiful upper front teeth throughout my life. After the age of 50 my 6 upper front teeth started to need repairs because of behind the teeth cavaties and pieces of teeth weakening which required repairs. I was continually going back in to have them fixed because of weakness... READ MORE

A Crown in Time Saves a Root Canal? - Seattle, WA

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc.At a routine cleaning and check-up my dentist noted some probable decay in the rear-most molar on the bottom left. He also mentioned that the size, shape, and expansion... READ MORE

Currently in Process - Idaho Falls, ID

For some reason, after I had children my teeth just lost their strength and I had so many cavities... and fillings. My top front 8 teeth all had fillings in them, which were discolored. I went to a dentist to have the fillings replaced. My natural, unbleached teeth are a level B4, which is... READ MORE

Dr. John Merrill - Cosmetic/Reconstructive Dentistry Procedures

Having had a very complex dental history for a number of years, I have been treated and, unfortunately, sometimes mistreated, by many dentists. I was extremely lucky when Dr. Merrill assumed my dental care. He evaluated the issues that I had been dealing with for years, and completed a full... READ MORE

My Process of Getting Porcelain Crowns on Front Teeth - Denmark

I will describe my process here, because I find it very useful to read others' reviews. My decision path to get porcelain crowns on my both front teeth has been very long. I have always dreamt of having a perfect smile but was afraid to start the process. Now is the time and I finally made the... READ MORE

Youngish 51 Year-old Needs a New Smile! - Dental Bridge in Shawnee, KS

Thanks for all your postings here. You are inspirational, and have confirmed that beauty is almost always worth a little pain (and sometimes a lot of money). So, my story. I'm a 51 year-old single mom of a ten year-old. I take care of myself through exercise and diet, and my face is virtually... READ MORE

Replacing Worn Veneers - New York

I'm about to make the first appointment to have my veneers of 18 years replaced. There are stains at the borders where my gum has receeded and they look pretty bad now. My plan is to whiten my real teeth first and then have the new set match that. My dentist says it will take about a couple of... READ MORE

New Smile 25 Years in the Making. Mexico, MX

I found Dr. Irma Galvadon in Cancun, Mexico off of After reading several reviews, I AM SO GLAD that I did! She and her staff were a true God send. They were so helpful from the first point of contact. I called the number and was put in touch with my coordinator, who answered ALL... READ MORE

Nervous and Scared Getting my 6 Front Teeth Crowned. - Reseda, CA

I am VERY nervous and Hesitant to get this procedure done with my pretty teeth. I have acid reflex and grinding issues at night, so my gum enamel was being eaten away behind those teeth. A few of my front teeth are bonded but the dentist didn't bond them well...uneven. He said I need to get the... READ MORE

Crown Lengthening Changed my Life - San Antonio, TX

Dr. Justin Rich is awesome ! All my life I've been embarrassed of my gummy smile and never smiled cause I disliked my small teeth . I decided to have the procedure done and couldn't be happier. The procedure took about two hours and I had no pain afterwards . The worst part was not being able to... READ MORE

All Porcelain 3/4 Crowns to Replace my Gold - Bellevue, WA

One of my golf pieces came out and kept getting food stuck in my tooth. Dr. Andrew replaced my gold with beautiful porcelain work and I don't get food stuck in my teeth anymore. Talked about how dentistry is metal free now and all the benefits of better sealing and how it doesn't block X-rays. I... READ MORE

I Would Wish to Say This is a Denture Not Dental Crown. Flutist Needs to Keep Playing and It Works! - Gurnee, IL

I am so pleased with my Dentist, he kept me playing, improved my bite and I am so happy with how I look. Other dentists/denturists really ruined how my face appeared and the wrong dentures can add years and years. I know. I am 56 and looked 65 in the old dentures and these I look great and... READ MORE

Crowns, Bridges, Fillings, Extractions - Dominican Republic, DO

Great service and overall look for my new smile. I am very satisfied with Dr. Alonso's work. I had a lot of work done and very happy with the final product which I posted some pictures below. The car service to and from airport was great. No waiting on customers. The overall service was amazing.... READ MORE

Needing a New Smile. I Am Searching for a Great Dentist in Mexico. Dental Tourism - Cancun, Mexico

Hey guys many see my smile and compliment me but have no idea just how far gone it is. But before my birthday I am getting all of this fixed. So here you will see the ugly truth of my smile and the journey to find an awesome Doctor over the border and the outcome. Wished me luck... So far I... READ MORE

Two Root Canals and Crowns Anterior. Cincinnati, OH

Started my mouth makeover which will take me 2 years. Starting with a ton of fillings, hand full of root canals and a couple of extractions. Followed by braces and veneers. Follow my story I know it will be expensive but it will be well worth it at the end so bear with me as I try to keep you... READ MORE

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