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Deep FX is a fractional CO2 laser treatment that goes deeper than Active FX, another laser that is a popular treatment for sunspots and other surface damage on the skin. Deep FX penetrates to a lower part of the collagen layer to treat deeper scars, dermal lesions, wrinkles, and lines. Deep FX can be used with Active FX to improve the overall appearance of skin on the face, neck, and chest. LEARN MORE ›

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27 Y/O Southeast Asian Skin Tone Active/Deep FX Treatment - Kansas City, KS

I have zebra stripes down the right side of my face and darker areas on the left side of my face. The doctor told prescribed me Hydroquinone. Does anyone have any ideas on whether this will be perfected or not? I had rolling acne scars before, but now I am traumatized. Do any doctors out there... READ MORE

Deep FX for Acne Scars - Houston, TX

I had a consultation with Dr Ramsey Markus at BCM in Houston to address some acne scarring I had on my cheeks. I've previously had 3 sessions of Fractora treatments with no improvement as well as countless facials, treatments, microdermabrasions etc. Nothing seemed to help! I expressed all... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid - Lumenis Deep FX - Mission Viejo, CA

I had the procedure yesterday. Pain during was perfectly tolerable because I was given topical anesthetic 45 minutes beforehand and then a few ccs of Lidocaine. I felt anxious because the laser was so close to my eyes, but this doctor is one of the most confident I've ever met and I never... READ MORE

31 Year Old Female, Deep Fx Laser Treatment for Acne Scars - Lafayette, LA

I had deep fx done for acne scars on my cheeks 11/12/14. I have all three types of scars but they have significantly decreased from my starting point before I did anything about them. This was my second laser procedure, I also derma roll at home and use retin a. ( I have reviews on the other... READ MORE

Had Fractional Deep Fx Treament on March the 2nd - Nashville, TN

Hi, I am 26 yrs old female that just had co2 deep fx just two weeks ago for acne scars. Okay the 1st day after vist alittle burning but the next 3 days were horrable itching and dryness and couldn't fall asleep. The skin started to come off around the second and third day but some areas... READ MORE

My Face Isn't Healin After Deep FX - Jordan

I had deep fx laser done before 5 days , My face is still spotted with brown dots and few areas have been flaking off , I experienced no pain and no redness just few swollowness at the cheeks and eyes area , I'm terrified of the results , is my response nowmal? Most people should experience... READ MORE

Total FX - Lewisburg, PA

I have not had FX done yet it will be done on 1/27/2010 an a eye lift after that $1900.I went to the Doctor for juvederm and he told me that my lines were to deep that a total fx would be better for me, and I know he is right because I had Dr E do that last year and never saw much change I... READ MORE

Too Early Yet - Deep FX for Sun Damage. Tightening and Texture Improvement Will Be a Bonus - Denver, CO

Well I've been researching this and other procedures for well over a year now and finally had this done today. My main goal is removing sundamage. any tightening or improved texture is a bonus. The procedure itself was a breeze... I did take the typical Valium and vicodin -- I'm sure... READ MORE

Day After So Far Not Too Bad - Miami, FL

June 11,2008 I had Deep FX & Active FX done. The treatment itself went very well My Doctor made me feel very comfortable and her Nurse Sherry were Both great. I am very swolen today but not in terrable pain i was given a wash and burn cream to use and i have done so this morning it was... READ MORE

Just Had Deep FX Done to my Face for Angiofibromas on my Nose and Cheek Area - Edmonton, AB

Just had Deep FX done to my face about 5hrs ago. Thought I would share my pics and document how things are going. Procedure went well, numbing cream was a big help. It really hurt on the areas around my nose and were no numbing cream was applied. Over all I can start to see some improvement... READ MORE

Active FX + Deep FX = Improvement, but Not Dramatic - Denver, CO

Pros - smoother, tighter skin, decreased wrinkles Cons - long down time for subtle improvement Pain - I had only topical numbing as I had to drive myself home, (this may have also limited the physician's aggressiveness with the treatment) but this is a painful procedure. What I... READ MORE

Deep FX Recovery Was Nasty the First Few Days but Skin Tightening Started Right Away - Tampa, FL

I won't lie. Around two hours after the procedure my face was dripping brownish ooze, it hurt and smelled bad. By the eighth hour my face was numb, even to the touch. Day two my face swelled like a grape, my eyes nearly disappeared, I couldn't open my mouth and the smell was just... READ MORE

Deep FX AND Facelift at Same Time - Tampa, FL

Under general anesthesia I had a neck lift, brow lift, and Deep FX all over my face on January 14, 2008. I'm almost 54, youthful in many ways but had a LOT of lines/wrinkles in my cheeks, severe squint lines, jowls, wrinkly neck, and droopy, tired, sad appearance. I will from here on out... READ MORE

Office Review - ok - Houston, TX

He charges twice as much as other people . wanted thousands of dollars up front. told them other doctors charged cheaper for same laser. they said well we have to pay for our office space. wow!!! how rude. then maybe go to smaller place if cant afford. I felt used and never going back. money is... READ MORE

Worst Pain Ever!! but is Worth It. - Scottsdale, AR

First of all, please excuse my english. I'm a 27 year old girl that has lived in the desert all her life, (in Mexicali Mexico, in a 130 degrees heat in summer) so I'm used to be in the sun all the time, and I was never concerned about it.. just until 2 years ago I notice sun spots... READ MORE

28 Acne Scarring Deep Fx Surgery - Richmond, VA

I have had acne since I was 11 years old. I continued to have acne well into my second year of college. Resulting in many scars to my face. I have researched different treatments and decided to just go for it! This was the first time I have had this procedure and have done some derma rolling in... READ MORE

"67 Year Old Woman Who Spent Too Much Time in the Sun" La Jolla, CA

Having spent way too much time in the sun as a younger woman as well as having been a smoker for a number of years, I had deep wrinkles and brown spots. I really want to look as young as I feel. The procedures I had were the Active and Deep FX and UPCO2/Erbium - Perioral Add ons. The procedure... READ MORE

35 Year Old Female, 2nd ActiveFX/Deep FX Laser Resurfacing Treatment. La Jolla, CA

I had one aggressive Active FX/Deep FX laser treatment in July 2013. The results were amazing! I had some acne scars on my cheeks from my teenage years that were never really a problem but became more noticeable in my 30s. I have had mild chemical peels and routine facials but needed a more... READ MORE

Deep FX 2 Hours Ago - Sacramento, CA

I got my laser treatment today for perioral lines around the mouth. Went in an hour early, after taking two Motrin at home. They applied numbing cream to the area and wanted to do some injections to help block the pain. I decided against them, instead waiting until the procedure started to see... READ MORE

April 16 - Grand Rapids, MN

Today I underwent Deep fx I am 54 years old and wanted to get rid of sun damaged skin, age spots and fine line wrinkles. It is part of the final mommy makeover. I had a tt in Oct and a breast lift in december of 2013. I am very happy with those procedures and decided to have the Deep... READ MORE

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