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In a contour thread lift, clear threads with tiny barbs are inserted into the facial skin tissue and then used to tighten the skin. It is designed to deliver the results of a facelift without the recovery time or cost. LEARN MORE ›

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The procedure in itself is remarkable. There is little, if any, bruising or pain or down time. Literally a lunch time lift. This could well prevent future surgical procedures Dr. Karimi is a leader and educator in this field and has trained hundreds of doctors in this technique. His new... READ MORE

I had a lot of fears about having the procedure done, but after meeting the superb staff. I decided to have the procedure. I was very impressed with the center because they didn't try to sell me unnecessary body contouring. They also listened and answered all my questions and concerns. This was... READ MORE

At 60 I wanted to look younger. I chose Contour Lift with Quills. The down time very minimal and in office procedure. After the procedure the skin on my face felt like it was stretched over a basketball. Face was very swollen, black & blue down the neck. 1 year slight tightening in cheek. 2... READ MORE

My results with Roberto Garcia far surpassed my expectations .I have not looked or felt better in 15 years. The results are truly amazing. Hie and his staff were unbelievable . They are very professional, extremely attentive and their follow up visits are beyond compare. I would highly recommend... READ MORE

I originally decided to have the contour thread lift after seeing a special about it on the Today Show and later hearing about it at a local women's conference in which a local ophthalmologist who was certified to perform the procedure gave a presentation. It sounded pretty simple and was... READ MORE

I my gosh I make I huge mistake in South Korea I'm 34 my face was still looking good and this plastic surgeon at the grand in South Korea recommended me to do the tread face lift now 2 weeks later and have 2 bumps on both sides of my cheeks I gonna cry I feels so weird...and I'm really scared I... READ MORE

Pros-very natural looking and less invasive than a facelift; Cons-occasional prickly feeling on one suture. Why I did it: Asymmetry on right side produced a tired/sad appearance. I wanted a balanced and refreshed look without a surgical appearance. I also had a lower blepharoplasty and... READ MORE

Sought drematologist regarding wrinkles around my lips. He suggested contour threads. Not fillers???Thread possible hitting nerve in forehead, had to be remove day two. All remaning threads eventually broke and ask to have threads removed. Thought MD did this yet he only cut the remaining knots.... READ MORE

Chose option versus traditional facelift because recommended by physician as low risk with quick recovery time. I have had complications and need them removed. My physician has refused to remove them. I am looking for help.Has anyone had Contour Threads successfully removed without them... READ MORE

When I first had the procedure (2007), I had 8 threads; four per side. As a woman of color, my skin was not wrinkled, but I was getting those deep lines from nose to mouth and a bit of sagging. The pain and the swelling was horrendous for about two weeks; that's when I woke up to find one side... READ MORE

Had a contour brow lift 2 1/2 weeks ago. Love the look. Friends say it has taken 10 years off of my 45-year-old face! The procedure itself was done under a local and was uneventful. (I will never forget the odd crushing sound, however). The doctor sent me home with Darvocet, which was not a... READ MORE

Never again. Three years later, I am still suffering from infections and head pain. The experience itself was very painful and the result of the thread lift lasted only about a month. One of the selling points was that the doctor could go back in and re-adjust the threads as needed. When I... READ MORE

Right now, I'm very interested in a class action lawsuit.has anyone filed one or do you know of one or is there a website that can go to. My doctor says he can take them out, but I'm pretty scared. After I read your comments. He never mentioned anything of the side effects and did not mention... READ MORE

I had a brow lift, which failed. Contact Angiotech Pharmaccuticals, Inc. 1618 Station [edited to remove personal contact information] Ask to speak with [edited for same reason] Angiotech Pharmaccuticals, is a clinical manager and asks questions to benefit their company. Do not answer his... READ MORE

I had the contour thread lift done and I’m thrilled with the results. I went in with problems mostly with my lower face from my cheeks down to my neck. In total I was having six areas (three on each side) corrected with the contour threads. My doctor is a certified plastic surgeon so I... READ MORE

I got contour threads for the same reason everyone else does – because it’s marketed as a low-priced, non-surgical alternative to a facelift. In fact, I think it’s aimed at the not-so-elderly crowd of 50s-somethings like me too – people whose faces aren’t quite bad... READ MORE

I'm 40 years old and had a cheek and brow contour thread lift on 9/1/06. I am having a very long recovery period. It is now 16 days later and I have bad puckering in 3 of the 4 areas, swelling in all areas, lines show where the threading was placed (I have "stripes" on my cheeks), numbing and... READ MORE

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How much does Contour Thread Lift cost?

The typical cost for Contour Thread Lift ranges from $3,200-$6,500 with an average cost of $3,775. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 14 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more