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Body wraps are a non-surgical treatment, typically using some combination of organic material and gauze. Wraps are intended to tone and tighten skin while helping the body burn fat. Other popular terms include body contouring wrap or spa wrap. LEARN MORE ›

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Doesn't Work Scamish

I was so excited because the woman who does my hair seemed to have lost inches-with no effort at all-and the youtube of this product rave about it! and show dramatic results with no effort I tried my first wrap and got excited that something was changing (I used glad wrap overnight) (must have... READ MORE

36 and Trying to Care

I signed up for this product. Got my first box, was promised a free box. Never got that either. Next I was charged for a second box, I NEVER RECEIVED! But this company had no problem talking my money! Still haven't received anything. But the very first box. Only got 2 wraps so not even sure if... READ MORE

ItWorks BodyWrap - Philadelphia, PA

Personally, I'm a fan of the product because I am seeing results and I have done measurements and inches have gone and have stayed off. I've gone through a pack of four but I also didn't follow the directions fully. First and foremost I reused my wraps, I know they say not to but it worked out... READ MORE

It Works? Yeah Right! - Canton, OH

Horrible customer service & products do not work! They hook you in for 3 months and force you to pay a $50 cancelation fee when you want out. I tried multiple products and not one of them actually did anything! Customer service was rude and unhelpful and it took hours to get them to even talk to... READ MORE

Chemical Burn - San Francisco, CA

I got a second degree chemical burn on my stomach from these wraps. It was so painful I couldn't wear jeans for months that even my yoga pants hurt. Now my stomach can't be exposed to sun, I have a permanent scar, and lots of Dr. bills that I get to pay even though the company should be. I... READ MORE

So Worth It! - Clio, MI

Helped my tummy dramatically! I have diabetes and my stomach builds up scar tissue from my insulin shots. The wraps helped my pain and my stomach look and feel better! I wrap my chin and back as well! Amazing! It helped with my inflammation and flare ups! I just wrapped my arms a few days ago... READ MORE

Bloat No More

I applied this myself in the comfort of my own home. Its very easy to do and I love the smell and the feeling I get when I wrap. I love how it helps me get rid of the over endulging bloat you can get from eating bad choices. The results last as long as the good.choices I make do, and I can... READ MORE

I Was Skeptical, Not Anymore - Denver, CO

I couldn't believe a 45 minute detox wrap would do anything but lose water weight. I was so wrong. In fact, while wearing your wrap you're encouraged to drink as much water as possible. I took a before and after picture from the same distance (had taken off my tank top, hence the different color... READ MORE

19, No Kids, TONS of WATER

Well I was super excited by this, it took like a month or so until i actually get the wraps, i tried i took bath and then wrap and water an no! results. definatley by skin feels refresh but it doesnt work! i drank a liter eith wrap and like 3 liters daily so thats 4 lt, salad for lunch,... READ MORE

42 Years Old Female, Tried Everything and Was Happily Surprised with These Body Lipo Wraps!

I am a 42 year old mother of 2. Loosing weight has been my focus for as long as I can remember. Although I was successful in loosing almost 35 pounds on my own, I still had this extra ugly looking skin. I've searched around these types of reviews and came across the lipo applicator body wraps. I... READ MORE

Not Worth It

I used this a year ago. 1. its very uncomfortable and even with the max time of 8 hours, I didn't see results. I did the 4 wraps which where $100 from the person I bought it from, and after using all 4 wraps, I didn't see ANY change at all!! So not worth it! Don't waste your time and money on... READ MORE

Not Worth It - Miami, FL

Honestly, I was all hyped seeing other peoples' results that I decided to try it. After the 2nd was, I still see no difference. In fact, my stomach (the only area I'm wrapping due to having a baby two months ago) has sagged more and looks bigger! As if I am bloated! Thank goodness I did not sign... READ MORE

65 Years Old, Hoping for Improvement.

My children are in their 40's, and I've been carrying around an extra "tummy" for several years. A friend recommended that I buy into the process, as she was doing it, too! After two months, neither of us has seen much difference. In retrospect, it reminds me of the fat-melting jiggle... READ MORE

18 Yrs Old Have Tried MANY of These

When I first got the wraps I was sooo pumped and signed as a loyal customer.. Thought I saw results at first but the more packages I got the wraps were VERY dried out and had hardly any lotion or whatever it is on them! It was a total waste of time and money!!! And ultimately saw no difference... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Money!!!

I left the wrap on for 8 hours expecting great results. I followed the direction perfectly and drank more than enough water as recommended. I DID NOT SEE ANY RESULTS AT ALL!!! no difference in inches lost (not even centimeters), no differences in firmness, and no difference in the way my... READ MORE

it works wraps- don't work! save your hard earned money. - Newfoundland, NL

I'm a 43 year old mom of two. I'm physically fit and I eat fairly healthy. I have a petite frame ( 5" and 98 lbs) but I noticed since I turned 40 that the skin on my legs is not as tight and toned as it once was, no matter how much I work out. I tried the wraps on each of my thighs. I did the... READ MORE

Reduce Tummy Tuck - Irving, TX

I really love the body wrap and found it useful after few tries. I recommend it to my friends. It has no side effects and improve it overall. You may have to ask the doctor whether it is worth to try based on your body type. Everybody is different and so I recommend to ask your doctor before... READ MORE

ITWORKS - DOES NOT WORK! Do Not Waist Your Money. - Fargo, ND

To start out, I would say that this product may work if you have some loose skin, probably only temporarily, but it may show some results that way. I am a size 12, and have tight skin (no children, no significant weight loss/gain). My conclusion for this product is it does not work. Here is my... READ MORE

Wore Over-night and See Difference in Cellulite - Pendleton, OR

I tried It Works wraps around this time last year... only once on my thighs before taking a trip. I think there was a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulite however I ended up drinking alcohol upon my arrival so I wrote the whole effort off. I have been eating clean and following a... READ MORE

do not buy this junk

You are wasting your time and hard earned money. The saran wrap helps push water out of the affected area and "eating clean and exercising" are the basic requirements for getting in shape according to real doctors. This wrap gives you the sensation of instant gratification without the work... READ MORE

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