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45 Lbs Weight Lose with Extra Skin, Stretch Marks and Cellulite - Natchitoches, LA

Awesome!!! I was so very pleased started working out and dieting hard last July have lost about 45 lbs and cellulite and stretch marks were awful helped with both of those and extra skin! Staff was on key! Very friendly and atmosphere is glorious! Recommended all my friends and family. The... READ MORE

Yes It Works!!! You Gotta Try the Wraps! - Maryland, MD

I love the body wraps!! Yes, I was keptical at first..45 minutes are you serious. But, the wrap really took off 2 inches in the first hour. I wrapped again 72 hours later. And would you believe another inch lose. I drank the required amount of water to help flush out the toxin. I completed my 90... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cavitation Slimming - Cupertino, CA

I saw this non-surgical body slimming on Dr. Oz show and decided to find a local provider who provides this service. My provider is Herbal Mineral Spa. Overall It's a very effective procedure with no down-time. I'm choosing a non-surgical slimming method so there is no scarring. This is... READ MORE

It Works Body Wrap - Dallas, TX

I just ordered my wraps. I've been hearing it works and doesn't on some ppl. I have 3 kids im usually 118 lbs but after my last baby last july can't seem to get rid of little pudge I have (I'm 126)very slight but I want to look as close to before I had him. Since I just ordered my wraps from a... READ MORE

It Works -Johnsburg, IL

I had a neck and chin wrap this evening. When the demonstrator took before and after pics and showed them to me, I noticed a difference but nothing amazing. I didn't buy any additional product (the demonstration cost $25). When I arrived home, I took an after pic and compared it to my own... READ MORE

First Timer! Good Results

This was my first time with the wrap. Before treatment i was 140 and after I was 140. The purpose of the wrap is to put minerals in the skin while being wrap. By being wrap for 1 hour the toxin is exchange for the minerals. After the wrap was completed I lost 10 1/2 inches. I'm a female... READ MORE

Fatfighter and Thermofit - Wichita, KS

I tried both of these products because my cousin sells them and they worked great for her. After 2 months of being on the products and working out, I actually gained weight and not muscle, fat. When I tried to cancel the third shipment (because you know, you have to do the 3 month auto ship to... READ MORE

Loose Skin 47 Years Old Asheville NC

I have been very serious about getting more fit. I am fairly happy with my body except the baby pooch. I have good skin tone for my age except my stupid belly. I work in a medical setting and there are a couple of co-workers who sell It Works. I figured what the heck. Over the last few... READ MORE

It Works Are a Con. Do Not Give Your Bank Details. Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

The wraps do not work and are a waste of momey. Also after my 1st shipment I rang them & emailed to cancel future orders & my standing order. They have ignored this & 2 months later they have debited another £60, completely unauthorized. Very poor admin. from their sales team. Do not use this ... READ MORE

a rip off

Waited for 7 days and paid the extra shipping got a empty box....So I got a wrap from a friend to try it out it wouldnt even stick to the skin smh back to the gym and please people dont waste your money. Such a dissappointment and then when I called customer service they say its another 7... READ MORE

Gym Rat Can't Lose Belly Fat!

I am flabergasted at how well this wrap worked for me. I am a gym rat and eat really healthy, but could not get my belly flab to go away. So I saw this wrap company, and thought "what the hell!" I wear my wraps over night right after I get out of the shower -- that way your pores are open to... READ MORE

Office review - shocking customer service

I phoned this company and was kept on the phone for over 20 minutes before customer service decided to pick up the phone. I asked to cancel an order and was told that they couldnt do it because their departments are all over the place and she couldnt get hold of the dispatch department. I took a... READ MORE


I was a supplier because I was so excited about the product. I tried (following instructions precisely) 5 wraps. Not only did it NOT work (and cost me a lot of money) but I lost friends because of selling this product. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I will be saving my money... READ MORE

It Works Does Not Work! - Minnesota

What a waste of money! I purchased numerous It Works products out of guilt (that's how these direct sales companies get rich) and none of them worked. What a waste! Ladies, we need to band together and stop this direct-selling nonsense. The only people laughing all the way to the bank are the... READ MORE

18 Student - Anderson, IN

I LOVE it. The wrap was like a burn tingling sensation and it made me lose a few inches. The care was good. It was a fun experience and I would buy it again. I feel like it really helped. It made me feel thinner and more alive. I feel like it does actually work and I am excited to see what 4... READ MORE

Do Not Waste Your Time and Money!

It was all good to be true. I was locked in a contract for 3 months $80 monthly. This product does not work. I did not lose weight. The "special" lotion on the wrap is like icy hot where it makes your skin feel tingly. Nothing unique spare your money and use it on a gym membership instead. ... READ MORE

22 Year Old Mom- Had 2 Kids Back to Back

So I've seen many pictures and websites about people who have tried the IT WORKS* body wraps and had great results. I finally convinced my self to buy the pack of 4 to try it to see if i could flatten my stomach since i had my 2 children back to back. i tried my first wrap over my stomach and of... READ MORE

Seeing is Believing! - Bay Saint Louis, MS

I will start by saying that I am already a person within my BMI for height and weight! I have used the It Works Ultimate Body Wrap and I LOVE IT!!! I lost over 5 1/2 inches with one wrap! When you follow instructions for use and actually follow up correctly, guess what? IT WORKS!! You can't use... READ MORE

Scam Company It Works!

I signed up for the auto-delivery for 2 products for a total of $72.67. This is where the scam begins; it was shipped to the wrong address. I called daily waiting 2-3 hours on hold before being kicked off the call, never talking to anyone. Half a dozen emails were wrote with no response. Six... READ MORE

It Really Does Work!

After one wrap, I saw major results and I was sold. I have wrapped several times since and seeing better results with my stomach than working out all these years after having kids. People have to follow the directions, not eat crap, and take before and after pictures because the wraps really... READ MORE

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