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Active FX - Worth It So Far

I am 45 yrs old and had Active FX done 2 days ago. I was put to sleep which I think was great considering reviews from people who were awake. When I awoke after the procedure they already had my face iced and lubricated. I went home and continued to ice all day and night as well as lubricate... READ MORE

Active FX is Amazing!

I had Active FX on a Friday on my face and neck, and the swelling went up and started to go down on Friday night. The swelling was ending on Saturday and started to itch and I peeled on Sunday. On Monday, I was back to normal, but slightly blotchy and stayed home. The doc says that men... READ MORE

So Far, I'm Thrilled

I was expecting the worst. The doctor put some numbing cream all over my face and the procedure was virtually pain free, a little bit of hard thumping on my forehead, but I was forewarned. They told me to go home and just take it easy and to wash my face at least two times before I go to bed... READ MORE

Active FX Doesnt Worth It

I had my procedure on November 7 2008, I didnt notice any improvment ...now my skin look even worse...because y so sensitive...before de Laser I had controled the acne ...now its a mess...So Dont do it...Im not happy....and I still pay the procedure...for 18 months.... :c first you look ugly... READ MORE

This is Not a Facial, Its a Serious Procedure, That Requires Education and Planning.

I had procedure last December, when I was 56 on the outside, and 20 something in spirit. I read all available information, and went in with realistic expections (mostly). Not expecting (although wanting) to airbrush the lines, wrinkles, and brown spots away, plus hoping to "shrink... READ MORE

Did this twice - Don't Bother - Colorado Springs, CO

Did this twice. No results either time. Nothing positive unless you count the hyperpigmentation that is rapidly growing on my face. Never again. No effect on wrinkles, facial texture, lifting of skin, or anything promised by the doc or the Lumenis company! Do not do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ MORE

I am 41 years old - Not Sure Yet - Doylestown, PA

I am 41 years old and had minor sun damage, minor wrinkles, and some minor sagging in the brow area and around my mouth. I had Active FX done almost 3 days ago. The pain was tolerable, maybe because I took 3 Advil right away. I woke up the second day with very swollen eyes and iced throughout... READ MORE

All That I Had Hoped for

My experience with Active & Deep FX was great. I had a great physician who told me what to expect, (though you can never REALLY be prepared for how raw, swollen and scary you look) and how to care for my skin afterwards. It has been 11 days since I had the procedure and though I'm still a... READ MORE

Not Happy - cannot see any difference at all - Fresno, CA

It's been 3 months since I had it done. Very dissapointed, cannot see any difference at all .Everything looks  the same.  I had the Active FX on #5 which is supposed to be deep.  The Dr said they would do it again in September  for free, so I go in on the 4th.  Has... READ MORE

Did the procedure under general anesthesia - So Far, So Good - Encino, CA

I have been going to {edited - provider information is located above the review for registered users}, who is a plastic surgeon, for the past 2 years for Botox, and he suggested that I try the Active FX. I'm on my 2nd day post-treatment. {edited} did the procedure under general anesthesia, ... READ MORE

Nobody Mentioned the Impact on the Eyes but Love the Results on the Skin

I am only on Day 2 after my Active FX procedure, but today is the first day I can actually focus on print and keep my eyes open for more than a few minutes. The shield that wes placed under my left eyelid scratched the cornea and caused much discomfort. The Tetracaine topical anesthestic... READ MORE

I wanted to be free of the sun damage - Would Not Do It Again - San Francisco, CA

I wanted to be free of the sun damage. The magic in a laser was coming in the form of Active FX. I was prepared for pain from the laser, which hurt like heck, swelling, redness, taking time off to heal, daily care of my skin, icing, etc. I was not prepared for a dreadful experience. Day 2... READ MORE

Extremely Disappointed With Results

My other comments/posting are in the other section of this discussion board. I had ActiveFX over a month ago and there has not been even a slight change. I had light brown spots, fine wrinkles, four (4) keratosses that were small, 2 sk and 2 ac. I still have ALL these defects. The peeling has... READ MORE

GOOD RESULTS, but Still Some Acne Scars ;[

I was hoping after spending 2GRAND that ALL my acne scars would be gone.. however i cant complain i guess because they were indeed DRAMATICALLY reduced and completely FLATTENED! before they were deep and VERY VISIBLE< now one must look closey to notice them.. i still see them, but they are... READ MORE



I had full laser 6 years age, wow! - Loved the Results! - Omaha, NE

I have had many procedures, this was relately easy. I had full laser 6 years age, wow! That was long recvery, I liked the resuts. I am now 50, and being a sun worshiper had played havoc on my face, neck and chest. I had all three done, I had only my face the with the laser before. I can again... READ MORE

Most Horrible Experience of my Life

I had ACTIVE FX a few months ago by a well known doctor in Chicago Il, who is currently opening an skin care store. I went to this doctor because his credentials were great. I decided to have my face treated for acne scars and the doctor told me the FX laser would be most beneficial because I... READ MORE

2nd Day - Miami, FL

This is my second day now.  I had the treatment yesterday , Thursday morning.  It is now Friday morning.  I see no red blotchyness at all.  I'm not in any paid or discomfort. I've kept my face saturated in the amorphol (or whatever) vaseline thing.  I see the dark dots... READ MORE

Very, Very Happy with Active FX

It has been 4 weeks since my Active FX treatment and I'm very happy with the results. The reduction in scarring on my cheeks is very good and that's what most people notice. The lines around the corners of my eyes are diminished and my face feels great. I still have keloidal scarring around my... READ MORE

Skin Texture is Better but my Crow's Feet Are Deeper

The experience on 4/25/08 was what I expected...slightly painful. My eyes and face were really swollen with brown dots and some peeling. I had to take off a week of work. My face is still slightly red but I really don't see much improvement and my daughter tells me the wrinkles around my eyes... READ MORE

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