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ActiveFX, also called MaxFX, is fractional laser technology used an anti-aging treatment. LEARN MORE ›

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I had the active fx laser done all over my face. I am 35 years old and only had wrinkles underneath my eyes. Immediately after the treatment, I saw that the skin underneath my right eye looked much smoother than the skin underneath my left eye, even with all the swelling. It seemed much redder... READ MORE

I am a 35 year old Asian female and just did Active FX on Thursday evening.  I am now on Day 3 and will share my experience with you... I would say that everything that is going on is what has been trying to be patient.  Anyhow, I went in for my appointment at 5:00pm... READ MORE

Just received the ACTIVE FX treatment.Painless with numbing cream. Prior to the procedure, I had numbing cream applied to my entire face. It was painless throughout the procedure. My face is swollen now but no discomfort.Do I start the hydroquinone cream right the way or should I wait 5 days... READ MORE

My acne is almost completely gone . Great Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . READ MORE

I am now on day 6 after ACTIVE FX treatment on my face and DEEP FX under my eyes. I can't tell you how amazed I am with the results! My skin looks better than when I was 12 years old! No joke! I had a lot of sun damage and wrinkles under my eyes and it's all gone!! I almost can't believe my... READ MORE

Skin looks younger and fewer lines and better elasticity. I was completely happy with my doctor and the treatment. I healed in exactly 3 days. It's important to use good aftercare and to protect your skin in general. I think people who have never taken good care of their skin and have poor diets... READ MORE

I'm a 28 year old, white female with enlarged pores and other acne damage on my cheeks and slightly droopy eyelids that made me look old for my age.My Dr. administered DeepFX to my eyes and ActiveFX to patches on my cheeks on June 30th. I was given a vicodin and numbing cream and metal caps were... READ MORE

I had my Active FX Co2 fractional laser done on Thursday, today is Saturday.. First off I was totally unprepared, I had read all kinds of articles on the internet...but when I was told by the tech at the dermatologists offce that I needed a dental block as well as the ointment I was nervous...I... READ MORE

My face was numbed and I had taken a Valium beforehand, but it was still very painful during the entire Active FX procedure. Except, around the mouth because they gave me many injections inside my mouth, just like a dentist would do. It has been over one month and my face is still red and... READ MORE

Its day 3 for me. I was very nervous about getting the procedure because of all of the negative feedback you often read on the web. I am 38 years old, fair skin, with a reasonably amount of freckles and some fine line around my eye. At my appointment they gave me one week supply of... READ MORE

I receieved Active Fx treatment 2 days ago. This was the final procudure after getting 3 treatments of Photodynamic Therapy and Blu-U light. I wanted to do it because after failed attempts of accutane, tetracycline, peels, gels, slush treatments, facials, extractions, I wanted my acne to be gone... READ MORE

I actually had the procedure done close to a year ago, and I continue to get compliments on my skin. I had mild acne and some old acne scars (as well as some mild sun damage as I have extremely fair skin).The procedure itself was quite "uncomfortable," but the results far outweigh the... READ MORE

I am one week out from Active FX and decided to review it because I scoured this site in the weeks leading up to when I had the procedure done for tips and reviews.The procedure was painful, but not so bad that I had to take a break. I did not request the dental blocks although, they were... READ MORE

It is too early to tell the pros and cons. I chose to undergo the procedure (yesterday), despite having very good skin, because I found that on the few occasions that I wear base to cover redness the base sometimes cakes in otherwise invisible lines on the lower portion of my cheeks.I was sent... READ MORE

Had mine done in Pensacola. The doctor is nice and seems to be on the up and up. However -- I was given nothing for pain before the procedure except for the mouth block and the shots around the forehead area. No sedative, no tylenol. No anti-anxiety.You really do need that. Seriously. I don't... READ MORE

Now is day 6 and I'm finally believing that I will be back soon in the world of the living. I can't say whether it was worth it yet, but I will post in a week or two to update. I am 50 years old and wanted a one time treatment to help my eye creping, which I could no longer cover with makeup... READ MORE

At first I was interested in laser approach for fine lines, small broken blood vessels, and small acne scars. I chose Active Fx because of the claims made by AAD in regard to having proven results of the listed and potentially decreasing the development of precancerous lesions. I have had... READ MORE

Hi everyone, first of all I have to apologize for my poor grammar as English is not my native language. And second I want to give you a short view about my skin type and reasons why I did the procedure. Skin type: very pale with ash blonde hair/eyebrows and dark blue eyes (I am a typical... READ MORE

Had ActiveFX under eyes and around the mouth. I'm sorry to say I don't think it was worth it. I see very subtle results, if any. The doctor actually agreed, and redid it a few months later, again with little if any improvement. Both times I experienced about three days of post-procedure discomfort. READ MORE

I had active fx about a month ago. Five days later I was taken to the emergency room because of high fever and total exhaustion. I spent 12 days in the intensive care unit, essentially unconscious, and was diagnosed with Toxic shock syndrome as a direct consequence of active fx. I spent a total... READ MORE

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