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ActiveFX, also called MaxFX, is fractional laser technology used to treat signs of aging, loose skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands. LEARN MORE ›

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Good Experience All Around

My decision to try Active FX was not an easy decision because of the cost.   I was very careful to select a physician who had great knowledge and experience in this area.  I initially contacted my plastic surgeon who performed my reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy... READ MORE

32 yr old Female. Long Journey to Clear Skin. Active Fx for Hyperpigmentation/Acne Scaring

32 year old Female with a long history of cystic acne throughout my teens up until about a year ago. After being a guinea pig for many different medications and products, my skin has finally responded to a mixture of Epiduo and Spironolactone. My skin has always been hard to treat because it is... READ MORE

Not for me, but others have had good luck

I have had several Fraxel laser procedures in the past. But, now that I am in my mid-40's, I thought it was time to step it up a bit. I decided to get Active FX to make my skin smoother, more uniform in color and a bit tighter. I feel like the recovery was too much for the benefit I received.... READ MORE

Keep It Youthful - Columbus, OH

My motivation for the active fx was simply to keep it youthful. It really helps with the turnover of new skin and promotes collagen growth. I also have mild acne scarring on the cheek area which is improved as well. To achieve better results for the acne scarring, Dr. Bapna incorporated deep fx... READ MORE

Amazingly Revitalized Skin - Simply Glowing!! - Weston, FL

I have been a patient of Dr. Greene for over 2 years, and he has provided a variety of treatments. Just this week in I went in for my second Active FX. (I did one last August and was so thrilled with the results, so I took his advice and will be doing this treatment on a yearly basis). Right... READ MORE

41st Birthday Gift to Myself! Doylestown, PA

Ok ladies, it is definitely worth it! 41, two kids, sun goddess and squinting workaholic... I was determined to try Active FX. I went to the best. Dr. Debias in Doylestown, PA was incredible! He is calm, incredibly informative and kind. His assistant Lisa was very helpful and assured me that... READ MORE

29 Years Old Gal Hoping for Acne Scar and Loose Skin Improvement - Cincinnati, OH

I am aging and in combination with ice pick scarring, box car scarring, and rolling scars I thought its was time to find a highly qualified Dermatologic Surgeon. My motivation for undergoing this procedure was to have a more refined texture, improvement of acne scarring, and tightening of... READ MORE

Tighter Skin with Only 3 Days of Downtime - Doylestown, PA

I sought our the pioneer of the Active Fx laser for my resurfacing procedure. Dr. Glenn DeBias has done over 15k of these procedures and I wanted to go to the best. The procedure did everything it promised - my skin texture, tone, and tightness improved. The procedure was painless (numbing cream... READ MORE

Active Senior in the Public Eye - Santa Cruz, CA

I recommend the Active FX treatment to manage sun damage and the inevitable aging of the skin. After the recovery time, my skin was much more smooth, supple and clear. The treatment was essentially painless with the use of topical anesthetic. The recovery time was as I expected. Dr.... READ MORE

FX CO2 Treatment with Dr. Siegel - Webster, TX

Dr. Siegel performed the FX CO2 Laser Resurfacing procedure about 3 months ago and I am so happy with my results. I have always felt like I have had 'bad' skin and felt self-conscious about it, but I can honestly say that I love looking in the mirror now after this treatment with Dr. Siegel. The... READ MORE

Very impressed! Doc's office called me and allowed me to

I have been researching doctors and visited Dr. Young's office in Spring for a consultation. I met with an aesthetician Trista Davey. She was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. Originally I was only interested in Ultherapy but she suggested CO2 ablative fractional laser procedure.... READ MORE

Time to Freshen Up

I had the Active FX procedure done Monday by Dr. Steven Jepson in Murray. I chose Dr. Jepson by reading a couple of blogs on here and I did a little bit of research myself (my knowledge is limited on research) and I did not find any thing bad about Dr. Jepson so went with the recommendation of... READ MORE

65 Year Old, Skin Rejuvenation, Coupled with Ultherapy. Aliso Viejo, CA

My experience of Laser resurfacing of my face and neck was very good and safe. Peeling within a few days, some swelling, and only some redness remained by day 7; easily concealed with makeup , or enjoy the look of a fresh sunburn! The results are immediate and will continue to improve with time. READ MORE

Active FX - Had a Great Exerience

The picture below was taken 36 hours after I had the Active FX on my face, neck and chest. The procuedure was not painful at all - sleeping last night was a little uncomfortable. I thought that the procedure was very easy - my doctor numbed the areas first with a strong lidocaine and then... READ MORE

I Decided to Get Rid of Sun-damaged Skin, and Dr. White Worked Miracles. - New York

After living in Hawaii for many years and then coming back to the mainland to resume work in the entertainment business, I wanted to do something about my overly-wrinkled facial skin. After getting several word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, I went to him for a consultation, and decided... READ MORE

One Day at a Time -Ohio, OH

Just had Total FX,which is a combination of deep and active fx for different facial areas I am 64 years old, assorted wrinkles just making me look tired and old all the time forehead area, upper lip, upper cheeks, crows feet etc.... no problems with discolaration or acne scars, just basic sun... READ MORE

Very Painful Experience - Portsmouth, NH

I had active fx 8 days ago and want others to be aware that this is a very painful procedure. Prior to the procedure I had a Vicodin, Valium, and then numbing cream was applied to my face. After about on hour I was ready to have the procedure and at that time the doctor injected nerve block... READ MORE

Seamless Experience - Dallas, TX

From initial consult to the laser procedure to the after care, Dr B and his nurses provide a beautiful experience with great customer service and beautiful results. I truly did my homework in terms of both type of laser procedure I wanted as well as knowing what doctor (I would never let anyone... READ MORE

Skin Cancer Plus Sun Damage! 52 Years Old. - Dayton, OH

Ok understand that this procedure is fierce. It really hurts and is very bloody! Its been 1 week and I honestly can't believe the progress! I had a full face deep fx with active. My dermatologist is amazing his staff the same. I totally recommend this treatment, please be advised it is... READ MORE

Active FX,very Basic Rejuvenation for Deep Wrinkles of Face,not Good for Smokers Wrinkles -King Of Prussia, PA

If you are younger than 50 years of age without severe sun damage from sunbathing than Active FX might be good for you. This type of laser is not targeting deeper tissues,so you only will have flaking,sloughing,redness of the outer layer of skin and somewhat softer skin. If you want to really... READ MORE

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