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ActiveFX, also called MaxFX, is fractional laser technology used to treat signs of aging, loose skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. It can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands. LEARN MORE ›

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32 yr old Female. Long Journey to Clear Skin. Active Fx for Hyperpigmentation/Acne Scaring

32 year old Female with a long history of cystic acne throughout my teens up until about a year ago. After being a guinea pig for many different medications and products, my skin has finally responded to a mixture of Epiduo and Spironolactone. My skin has always been hard to treat because it is... READ MORE

The DeepFX Active FX Laser Treatment - Tampa, FL

I saved money for a very long time to get this procedure done. This pain was terrible while being performed but I got through it. On day two I was in horrific pain. I called in the morning and was told they do not give pain medications for this procedure. I got another call back in the... READ MORE

Active FX (Moderate) with Microneedling Right Before Laser. Atlanta, GA

I gave it some time before I posted a review. The initial results were great, but I knew I was still swollen for the procedure and the wrinkles and fine lines looked more diminished because of it. The only improvement from all of this was that it even out my skin tone. Everything else looks the... READ MORE

Active FX on Chest

I decided to do Active FX on my chest after the BBL was a waste of money. My sun damage is not horrendous, but it does not match the pretty skin on my face! Lol. I figured if I like the results on my chest, I could move onto my face next time as it is more invasive than the Venus Laser. So... READ MORE

31yr -total Fx - Tip Rhinosplasty- Juvaderm for Lips - Cincinnati, OH

I have always have ice pick scars from acne as well as disliking my bulbous tip. I decided to have consultation with Dr.leadbetter at The plastic surgery group in Cincinnati,Oh. He seemed very confident in only doing the tip of my nose & that total fx should help with many of the scars. I had... READ MORE

39, Fair Skin - Looking for Improvement of Acne Scars, Skin Texture and over All Appearance - Austin, TX

I have suffered from acne since high school and my struggle continued into young adulthood. Intense cystic acne outbreaks left me with scars . My scars are rolling that had rounded, sloping edges mainly on my cheeks. I went through two cycles of Accutane. As I grew older, my skin started to... READ MORE

Active FX, Juvia or Fraxel Repair? - Montreal, QC

I have been doing research and have narrowed it down to 3 treatments (all Fractional co2) I have been reading mixed reviews from all 3 so I am frustrated and do not know what to do. I am 40 years old and my scars seem to be showing more and more as my skin gets older. The ice pick scars have... READ MORE

My Active FX Diary - Salt Lake City, UT

  10th November 2012 Michelle Watts, Born 26/02/67, Aged 45. Today I went to have an Active FX treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is my personal experience, please remember that everyone is different so your experience although will be similar will not be exactly... READ MORE

Dramatic Results for Sure, but Not Positive. My Face is Ruined - West Des Moines, IA

For me there were no pros...only cons.My fine lines are still there, I have brown dots all over my face and deep wrinkles all around my eyes where there once were none. I'm 29 years old and it wasn't a neccessity at all to get the procedure done other than erasing the few fine lines I was... READ MORE

Active FX - Miami, FL

I'm a 39 year old female who developed bags under my eyes a few years ago. It was not discoloration, but some puffy and some hollow areas with set in wrinkles (turgor high despite going overboard to remain hydrated). I also have a portwine stain on the right side of my nose, eye, cheek, lip.... READ MORE

Active FX - the "Thermal Spray" is the best relief for the tightness - Novi, MI

Day of procedure: Had procedure at 6:00am. Pics taken at about 2pm. Not uncomfortable at all. But still under the affects of IV sedation and after care instructions and doc were insistent that I took pain meds every 4 hours, which I did, and I slathered my face with post laser Balm (which is... READ MORE

Active FX --- 41 Years Old from Leesburg Fl

Hi, I am a 41 years old woman, a mother of 2. I decided to have the Active FX done on my face, having dark spots and blemish on the side of my face which I hated. Being in my teens and twenties I never had this before, my skin was flawless but with life stress and getting older it appear really... READ MORE

Male 38, Full Face ... Still Waiting to See - Ireland

I am 38 year old male & was concerned about the decline in my facial skin & bags under the eyes. I have tried a few other treatments incl micro-abrasion and another laser treatment called 'Polaris'. Neither was particularly good. I read a lot on this site about Active... READ MORE

Optimistic for Younger Eyes-Day 1 - Scottsdale, AZ

I am only 41 years old and have noticed that the area under my eyes has aged over the past year to the point that it was really bothersome. Wanted to get something non-surgical that would have good results and little downtime. Had it done yesterday afternoon. The Aesthetician was very good... READ MORE

If Your Car Gets a Dent in It, Don't You Fix That! Well How More Important is Your Face when It Gets a Dent in It. - Waimai

Great Experience! The Surgeon gave me the option of light IV sedation, in addition to the numbing cream. Slept through entire procedure. Followed instructions exactly as stated by medical office professionals, and in 7 days the skin shed off like a snake, revealing "baby butt" like... READ MORE

Can't Wait to See Results!

Had the Active FX done 10 days ago- don't see much improvement at all, although my doctor did say it would take about 3 weeks to see results. Very capable, consciencious doctor that I trust. He was demo-ing the laser so I volunteered. Post-healing experience for both of us. Had lidocaine applied... READ MORE

Just Got the Active FX 2 Days Ago!

I just got the Active FX provedure done 3 days ago. My face is still healing. I got the procedure done on my acne scars on my cheeks extending from both my temples to the mid cheek. This will be my second laser this year, but I have had a Co2 done ten years ago and an Erbyium after that. I did... READ MORE

Not Worth It - Skin is a Blotchy Mess

I have been wanting to have my faced sloughed for about 10 years.  I am a 40 year old woman who loved tanning and tanning beds, wearing no protection of course.  I am of Meditteranean descent, so I handled excessive sun very well, hardly ever burning....but, by age 30, I started seeing... READ MORE

Had Total FX on 6/5/09 - Pensacola, Florida

It was very uncomfortable. I received numbing cream, 4 dental blocks and shots around my eyes. The worst part was around the outside of my face. A few times I thought I'd come out of the chair, but I figure I gave birth to a child so I can endure just about anything for the 20 minutes it... READ MORE

Had Done Yesterday

Had active fx done yesterday not painful just felt like warm sand brushing on face.Had entire face eyes neck done.Dr. put numbing cream on face waited half hour then he begain.The only thing is smell of burning skin.Gave meaquaphor ointment to keep putting on face.Must do constant icing to face... READ MORE

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