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Accent Laser uses radiofrequency (RF) technology as a cellulite treatment and to tighten skin. Doctors usually recommend six treatments, and results can last up to 18 months.

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I have had two Accent treatments spaced a month apart and am very happy with the results. Significant tightening even after the first treatment--and it was totally painless! I'm 41 and sought the skin tightening after botox shrunk the size of my masseters too much, leaving me looking more... READ MORE

Physical and mental well being READ MORE

Wanted a flatter abd. READ MORE

I have to say sorry for everyone first because I am not a native English speaker. But I want to share my experience and need someone's professional advice for my treatment. I have done 6 times Accent XL treatment for my lower buttocks area today. I paid $2000 for 6 times treatment of the... READ MORE

I must say all of you need to move to Fort Worth Texas. I have Accent done at 650.00 for 6 treatments. I am 57 years old and have taken very good care of myself but at 55 my jowls and neck started to sag a bit. I have treatments every 2 weeks then lay off for about 6 months then start... READ MORE

I had my first Accent Laser treatment today. Their was noticeable improvement in my saddle bag area one hour after the treatment. The treatment was painful. The lady completing the treatment knew what she was doing. I will be returning for four more treatments. The good thing is they make sure... READ MORE

I didn't get results. For less money you can get results on loss of inches with real treatments that help smooth cellulite too. READ MORE

I have loose skin on my stomach from chold birth. After 6 treatments it may have made a tiny difference in my stomach skin but not enought for that much money and time. READ MORE

I have had 1 accent treatment 2 days ago and am not sure wether to carry on or not, is it going to work for me? I am 44 have old fillers in cheeks and nasalfolds. I want to start sculptra after this course but not sure if I should go straight for the sculputure, my areas I want improving... READ MORE

The location that handled the procedure pretty much said that one had to undergo at least five treatments to see any results so they pretty much have your money before you can determine whether it was worth it. 150 a session. I had some amount of dimpling on the top of virtually one... READ MORE

Waste of money like TITAN, boy these drug and anti aging product companies are thieves. hype it up to people and nothing. I have before and after pictures, so, a picture really is worth a thousand words. People with results are young..,., READ MORE

Cellulite READ MORE

I am 24, generally thin but have pockets of fat on my abdomen and love handles. I was hoping to gain a smoother body contour and flatten these areas. I had 4 Accent treatments in one clinic which gave excellent results. I had a further 2 at another clinic which was much cheaper, but there were... READ MORE

I initially went for accent treatments for cellulite and inch loss. I have tried other treatments and nothing else worked. I see a significant improvement in the texture of the skin and also some fat loss. I also learned that accent can be used for skin tightening on the face and body. I... READ MORE

I got a super special and did arms 3 times. I saw results immediately the key -be well hydrated at go. READ MORE

I wanted to tighten face and improve fine wrinkles. It was painless and useless. I went once a week for six weeks and the person told me it doesn't work on everyone. READ MORE

Hi - when i bought this package I was so skeptical i almost asked for a refund before going in. I couldn't believe I was spending $2k on my legs. But, I hate that I have cellulite, and as my sister said, - look, if you do it, and you follow it up w/ diet and exercize, it's worth it -- i... READ MORE

I've had 1 session on my abs, front of thighs, and today butt with the back of thighs. It really does work ! I am going to Laser Image in Las Vegas. I am soooo pleased with it. I noticed the difference immediately. I cannot believe how firm and smooth my butt is. Now I am a 39 year old woman... READ MORE

I work at a medical spa that offers accent treatments and I have had several treatments in my butt/thigh and my face/neck. Personally, the accent has worked very well for my skin concerns and our clients' have been very happy with their results. I just wanted to provide the public with some... READ MORE

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How much does Accent Laser cost?

The typical cost for Accent Laser ranges from $20-$6,000 with an average cost of $1,675. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 76 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more