Wrinkle Treatment Videos

How to Fix Lines Around the Mouth and Smile

Dr. David Kahn talks about the "smokers lines" around the mouth and the various options available to fix them. VIEW NOW

Aesthetic Topical Treatments: An Exciting New Breakthrough in Dermatology

Dr. Mark Pinsky talks about a brand new technology for "driving" medications into the skin to improve fine lines to deep lines where once these treatments were only available through the end of a needle. VIEW NOW

Did You Know: Botox Is the Most Common Treatment in the U.S.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses the areas that can be treated with Botox, as well as how it works and the types of wrinkles able to be treated. The limitations of Botox and how long it lasts are also discussed. VIEW NOW

Deep Forehead Wrinkles Smoothed Out With Botox

Dr. John Fezza explains some interesting reasons why forehead lines appear and how Botox can help. VIEW NOW

Combating Wrinkles: Facelift vs. Laser Resurfacing?

Dr. Andrew Miller discusses the benefits of having a facelift and the added benefit of pairing it with laser resurfacing to treat wrinkles. VIEW NOW

What Areas of the Face Are Affected By a MiniLift or Full Facelift?

Dr. Andrew Miller explains that there are several differences between the two procedures and these are discussed along with representative photos. VIEW NOW

Wrinkles on the Face Don't Have to Accompany Your Facial Expressions

Dr. Michael Zadeh performs a Botox treatment to treat the Glabellar wrinkles between the eyes, which result in the appearance of the 11's. VIEW NOW

Ultherapy: See What Your Surgeon Sees During the Treatment

Dr. Michael Zadeh discusses how the FDA-approved Ultherapy treatment works to tighten, lift, and tone loose skin. VIEW NOW

Scars After a Facelift Should Be Minimal and Unnoticable

Dr. William Adams discusses what scars a patient will have after a facelift, using a patient model who had a facelift three months ago. VIEW NOW

Softening the Face With Botox Releases an Angry Resting Face

You don't mean to look angry all the time, so Dr. Victor Perez recommends using Botox to release the muscles and bring back a softness to your face. VIEW NOW

Fixing the Risidual Anger or Fatigue in Your Face With Botox and Fillers

Not angry? Not tired? Not a problem! Dr. Sarmela Sunder explains what products can help to relieve these off-putting emotions from your everyday face. VIEW NOW

Forget the Old Technology: The Latest Facial Fillers Treat the Real Cause of Wrinkles

Dr. Jeffrey Schiller confirms that most fillers used to treat the area under the skin, but the new fillers actually adhere to the muscle to give a more natural look. VIEW NOW

What Is ThermiTight? Minimally-Invasive Radiofrequency Treats Wrinkles and Saggy Skin

Dr. Kimberly Lee explains the new technology that promises to promote anti-aging effects over time with a minimally-invasive treatment. VIEW NOW


Shocking New Advancements in Wrinkle Treatments Use Apples and Snails!

We promise that this will be the most outlandish thing you hear all day: Dr. Greg Chernoff explains how apples and snails are being used in facial rejuventation. VIEW NOW

The Reality of Aging and What Can Be Done to Improve Your Look

Dr. Greg Chernoff gives us a brief rundown of all of the surgical and non-surgical options available to improve the look of the face and restore youth. VIEW NOW