Wrinkle Treatment Videos

The Doctor Rejuvenates the Hands With Radiesse

Watch as Dr. Jason Emer uses Radiesse to return volume to this woman's hands. VIEW NOW

Cheek and Lip Wrinkles: Here's How to Tighten Skin Without Surgery

This woman wants tighter skin. Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV, discusses her options. VIEW NOW

Which Peel Is Right for Me?

How do you decide what skincare treatment is right for you? Dr. Robert Frank offers this advice. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Injects Restylane Silk — Have This Facial Option Explained

Dr. Paul L. Leong explains what Restylane Silk is and then demonstrates how he uses it. VIEW NOW

Neck Tightening With Venus Viva: This Woman Shares Her Results

Dr. James W. Goodnight explains the Venus Viva. See one woman's results. VIEW NOW

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Watch PelleFirm Treat This Woman's Décolletage

Using radio frequency, PelleFirm tightens the décolletage, face, and neck, says Dr. James W. Goodnight. See the treatment in action. VIEW NOW

Venus Viva: See This 62-Year-Old Without Makeup After the Procedure

Hear from Dr. Jason Emer and a 62-year-old patient discuss Venus Viva. VIEW NOW

Radiesse to the Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines: See Before & Afters

See Dr. James W. Goodnight's patient before and after the injection of 1.5 CCs of Radiesse. VIEW NOW

This Woman Just Had Fractional CO2 Laser — See How Her Swelling Goes Down

See before and after photos from women who got fractional CO2 laser treatment with Dr. James W. Goodnight. VIEW NOW


Facelifts and Lasers: Which Should I Do First?

Should you get a facelift or laser treatment? Get the answer from Dr. Amiya Prasad. VIEW NOW

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Is a Facelift My Only Option? Hear What This Doctor Recommends

A facelift isn't your only option for facial rejuvenation. Learn about your choices. VIEW NOW

Botox: Here Are All the Wrinkles It Can Treat

Where does Botox work? Dr. Stephen Weber answers common questions about the treatment. VIEW NOW


See 3 Minutes of This Woman's Facelift and Her Before & After (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Juan Carlos Fuentes explains the process of a facelift while he performs the procedure on this woman. See her results 1 week after her surgery. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Suggests Treatments for Face and Hand Rejuvenation

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rosenthal discusses how the aging process and sun exposure affects the face and hands. He recommends a variety of treatment options. VIEW NOW

27-Year-Old Woman With Puffiness, Under Eye Hollows, and Dark Circles — The Doctor Recommends This Filler

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains who slightly puffy eyes can make hollowness appear deeper under the eye and suggests hyaluronic acid fillers. VIEW NOW