Wrinkle Treatment Videos

This Young Woman Gets Botox — See Her Before & After

Dr. Kevin Tehrani injects this woman's face with Botox to relax the muscles that cause age lines to form. VIEW NOW

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35-Year-Old Fashion Blogger Heidi Nazarudin Gets a Non-Surgical Facelift to Address Early Signs of Aging

Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian performs a non-surgical facelift on Heidi using Botox, fillers, Dermapen and Pelleve. VIEW NOW

IPL in Action: See 36 Seconds of This Skincare Option

The laser targets the melanin in your skin; it the heats it and destroys. This helps to rejuvenate the skin to make it look fresh and glowing. VIEW NOW

What Is the HydraFacial? This Woman Gets One Done

Learn about the HydraFacial and what it can do for your skin. VIEW NOW

"I Didn't Feel a Thing" — This Woman Gets Under Eye Belotero Injections With Microcannulas

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates the use of microcannulas to inject the under eye as well as the lateral eye socket, a very difficult place to address with needle injection that has risk for more pain, bruising and swelling. VIEW NOW

Gain Back Your Skin's Texture and Elasticity With "Liquid Gold" — The Doctor Explains PRP

Dr. Marc DuPere explains how PRP (platelet-rich plasma) works for treatment of wrinkles and aging skin, hair loss treatment, fat grafting, scars, and laser resurfacing. VIEW NOW


Halo Laser 101: Learn About This Wrinkle Treatment Option

Get the basics about the Halo laser, courtesy of Dr. Grant Stevens. VIEW NOW

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What's the Best Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles and Crepiness?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses the advantages of laser treatments to build collagen and improve wrinkles, and how regenerative medicine like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can build skin quality. VIEW NOW

Anti-Aging for Each Age Group — How Your Face Changes Over Time

Dr. Bernard Raskin explains how your skin and facial anatomy change over time and the procedures, treatments, and products that should be considered for each age group. VIEW NOW

The Fractional CO2 Laser at Work: See How It Rejuvenates the Skin

Dr. Jason Emer shows how the fractional CO2 laser works on this woman's skin. VIEW NOW


Tear Trough Injections: The Doctor Explains the Microcannula Technique

Under eye bags and circles can cause a look of sadness or fatigue. Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh explains how he uses a blunt tipped microcannula to insert the dermal fillers into the tear trough. VIEW NOW


Rejuvenate Your Face in Minutes With Microneedling — See the Demonstration

Dr. Michael A. Zadeh demonstrates a microneedling treatment for skin rejuvenation on this woman's mouth area with no downtime. VIEW NOW

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51 Seconds of Fraxel Laser Treatment for Neck and Chest Wrinkles

Dr. Jason Emer performs Fraxel laser on this woman. Fractional laser can be used to improve scars, wrinkles, melasma, large pores and one's complexion. VIEW NOW

Pelleve: Learn About This Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Treatment for the Face, Neck, and Decollete

Dr. Shelia S. Nazarian explains and demonstrates this non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses radio-frequency technology to produce collagen and tighten the skin. VIEW NOW

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Wrinkle Treatments: The Doctor Points Out What Products Can Be Used and Where

Dr. Reuel Aspacio shows us the various wrinkle treatments that can be used on the face and body. VIEW NOW