Weight Loss Videos

Body Contouring For Massive Weight Loss Patients

Weight loss leaves its own collection of issues in dealing with the leftover skin. Dr. Robert Centeno describes how body contouring procedures can help. VIEW NOW

New CoolFit Applicator Treats Smaller Problem Areas

Dr. Sheryl Clark explains the benefits of the new CoolFit Applicator, which allows for treatment of areas such as the upper arms, inner thighs, banana roll under the buttocks, as well as vertical fat deposits around the midsection. VIEW NOW

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CoolSculpting Process Freezes Fat Away

Melissa, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that CoolSculpting works by targeting areas of subcutaneous fat by freezing it, thereby scheduling cell death to the underlying layer of fat cells over the next few months. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting: How To Expedite the Results

Nurse Melissa Stockyj, who works alongside Dr. Michael Law, explains that additional therapies can be used to help assist the lymphatic process in order to help speed up CoolSculpting results. VIEW NOW

Large Volume Liposuction: Pros and Cons

Dr. Chester Cheng notes some considerations for consumers when considering large volume liposuction, both pros and cons. VIEW NOW

Cool Sculpting: A New, Non-surgical Fat Reduction Alternative

Dr. Elisa Burgess explains Cool Sculpting, a new non-invasive, non-surgical approach to fat reduction. VIEW NOW

Liposuction: No Other Technique Provides More Slimming Results

Dr. George Marosan explains that while there are other fat reduction technologies and treatments available today, he recommends liposuction for the more serious candidates. VIEW NOW

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CoolSculpting Technology Freezes Fat Away

Dr. Grant Stevens discusses CoolSculpting, a new technology that carefully freezes and kills fat cells naturally during a non-surgical procedure. He also discusses the results and post-treatment side effects. VIEW NOW

Body Contouring: Are Hot or Cold Technologies Better?

Dr. Grant Stevens discusses the difference between the hot and cold technologies for weight loss and why one may work better than the other. VIEW NOW

Vanquish RF Breaks Down Body Fat With Heat

Dr. Karol Gutowski explains how the new Vanquish RF technology works using radio frequency waves to heat belly fat and eliminate it completely. VIEW NOW

Massive Weightloss Surgery Approach: Key Elements

Dr. Rady Rahban explains how to approach a massive weight loss surgery series and what procedures are typically involved. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck Expectations and Real Results

Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber covers the ins and outs of a tummy tuck. VIEW NOW

Doctor POV: Sleeve Gastrectomy

Dr. Sehoon Kang demonstrates a gastrectomy procedure in which his patient's stomach is surgically reduced to 25 percent of its original size in order to promote weight loss. VIEW NOW

CoolSculpting Requires No Recovery or Downtime

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the process of freezing fat cells during CoolSculpting, which results in zero downtime post-treatment. VIEW NOW

What Are Contour Irregularities and How Can I Avoid Them?

Dr. Adam Lowenstein explains the crosshatching technique that should be used during a liposuction procedure to avoid contour irregularities. VIEW NOW