Weight Loss Videos

How Can I Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

Dr. Kristine Blanche of Dr. Kevin Tehrani's office shares her advice for people looking to lose weight. VIEW NOW

Does Waist Training Really Work and Is it Safe?

Dr. Douglas A. Taranow discussing the hottest new trend of waist training, how safe it is, and if it really works. VIEW NOW


Cirugia Plastica Despues de Bajar de Peso (SPANISH)

Dr. Jaime Campos Leon offers his advice on getting plastic surgery after massive weight loss. VIEW NOW


Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: Which Procedure Should I Do First?

Where do you begin when it comes to losing that excess skin after massive weight loss? Dr. Jaime Campos Leon offers his suggestion. VIEW NOW

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This 73-Year-Old Woman Had Gastric Sleeve Surgery — Learn How Her Life Changed For Good

Because of her poor health, Joyce thought she was going to have to move in with her kids or go to a nursing home. But her life changed completely after gastric sleeve surgery. Learn how. VIEW NOW


One Week After Gastric Sleeve Surgery and This Woman Has Exciting News About Her Type 2 Diabetes

This woman shares her experience with gastric sleeve surgery including what it's done for her type 2 diabetes. VIEW NOW

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This Woman Has Excess Skin Removed Following Massive Weight Loss

This young woman explains her surgery following massive weight loss. See her surgical markings, the operation, and before and after photos. VIEW NOW


2 Years After Gastric Sleeve: This Man Lost More Than 200 Pounds

Jeffery Pratt had his gastric sleeve surgery in May 2013. How's he doing these days? Hear his story. VIEW NOW

These Two Sisters Lost 270 Pounds Combined — Hear Their Experience With Gastric Bypass

These two sisters both got gastric bypass surgery. Hear about their experiences losing a total of 270 pounds. VIEW NOW

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This Man Was 74 When He Had Gastric Bypass — Hear How It Changed His Life

Nine years ago, Dr. Lee Schmitt's dad had gastric bypass at the age of 74. How was his experience? VIEW NOW


What Losing Lots of Weight Can Do to Your Skin

When losing a massive amount of weight, plan to see major changes to your skin. Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. explains how a body lift can make a difference. VIEW NOW

Body Lift 101: What the Doctor's Learned in 30 Years of Experience

Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr. first started doing body lift procedures 30 years ago. What's he learned? Watch to hear. VIEW NOW

Gastric Sleeve: 5 Tips I Wish I'd Known Before Surgery

Getting an invasive surgery like a gastric sleeve can be scary but never fear. RealSelf is here to help! Here are the five tips our community recommends before you head to surgery. VIEW NOW


Why Do We Develop Stubborn Fat in the Abdomen?

What is it about the stomach that attracts unwanted fat? Dr. Larry S. Nichter has the answer. VIEW NOW

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ThermiRF: 15 Seconds of the Skin Tightening Technology

Dr. Ahmet R. Karaca demonstrates how ThermiRF works to tighten skin and reduce fat. The patient is under local anesthesia in an office setting. VIEW NOW