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I Am Male 26 BMI 18.Want to Gain Weight but Supplement Causing Back Acne and Hairfall. What's the Reason?

M/26 , 5'11" ,58kg , BMI 17.8, 5.80 % using the formula developed by the YMCA(theoretical value). I tried both heavy & light weight training in... READ MORE

"Fat Memory" - Why Do I Gain Pregnancy Weight and Then Stabilize?

Hi,Had 4 babies Ea child made"my normal"lbs go up.I exercise reg & eat healthy however i have always had a large stomach(even before... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Stretch Marks?

3 years ago I became really depressed and put on a lot of weight. Today, I am 80 pounds heavier. I'm trying to be motivated to lose the weight but... READ MORE

How Does Mirena Birth Control Affect Weight?

Will Mirena birth control cause weight gain, or a slow down in weight loss?   READ MORE

Will Regaining Weight Correct the Nasolabial Folds That Formed Due to Rapid Weight Loss?

Please help me out. I also have a tear trough deformity that formed after the rapid weight loss and I'm only in my early twenties. It's like... READ MORE

I Want to Gain Weight but Nothing is Working Not Eating nor Protein Shakes. What Can I Do?

I Want to Gain Weight but Nothing is Working Not Eating nor Protein Shakes. What Can I Do? READ MORE

Am I Hypothyroid? or Maybe Something Else?

I'm male 32 yo. W 65 kg H 165 cm, have unexplained weight gain. Workout intense weight training and cardio 6 days/week. 1500 cal diet.Lost 10 kg in 2... READ MORE

What Has Happened to my Body?

I will be seeing an endocrinologist, but I welcome all suggestions. Within the last year, I gained an enormous amount of weight---I am very active and... READ MORE

How to gain weight? I am a female of age 21 years..my body weight is 37 only?

I wont eat perfectly and iam a pure vegetarian..how to gain weight..and i cannot handle simple weights my body structure is small...how to develop... READ MORE

Why be willing to cut portions of my GI tract out surgically, then say I'm too high risk for an Apronectomy for back pain

I gained a lot of weight that I've never had before (5'5" &130lbs normally since I was 13-late 20's) due to an SSRI causing PCOS. The massive weight... READ MORE

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