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I Am Male 26 BMI 18.Want to Gain Weight but Supplement Causing Back Acne and Hairfall. What's the Reason?

M/26 , 5'11" ,58kg , BMI 17.8, 5.80 % using the formula developed by the YMCA(theoretical value). I tried both heavy & light weight training in... READ MORE

"Fat Memory" - Why Do I Gain Pregnancy Weight and Then Stabilize?

Hi,Had 4 babies Ea child made"my normal"lbs go up.I exercise reg & eat healthy however i have always had a large stomach(even before... READ MORE

3 years ago I became really depressed and put on a lot of weight. Best Treatment for Stretch Marks?

3 years ago I became really depressed and put on a lot of weight. Today, I am 80 pounds heavier. I'm trying to be motivated to lose the weight but... READ MORE

I want to lose weight. What should I do?

I am 25 years old at 180 lbs, I have tried running/walking/eating right and keep gaining, I would like to get back down to 130-140. what should I do? READ MORE

Why am I still gaining weight?

I am 5 ft 2 in and currently weigh 185 pounds. I have been slim and ate what I wanted until I was 16 and then I gained 75 pounds in under a year... READ MORE

2 years post op for lipos of the tummy and flanks and I've gained 20 lbs, how can I lose weight? (photos)

I had my surgery in April of 2013. I weighed 130 pounds. A few months after my surgery I started noticing a few pounds of weight gain. I started... READ MORE

I've been working out for 20 years, and recently gained 20lbs. What's the best non invasive procedure to give me a kick start?

Are there any non-invasive procedures that actually work, an/ or are time and cost effective? If I could see a small change QUICKLY, I would be... READ MORE

How Does Mirena Birth Control Affect Weight?

Will Mirena birth control cause weight gain, or a slow down in weight loss?   READ MORE

Will Regaining Weight Correct the Nasolabial Folds That Formed Due to Rapid Weight Loss?

Please help me out. I also have a tear trough deformity that formed after the rapid weight loss and I'm only in my early twenties. It's like... READ MORE

How do I combat weight gain while on sertraline and propranolol?

I'm a 26 year old female and I started taking sertraline 50mg and propranolol 10mg daily about 5 months ago. I have since gained around 6 kg despite... READ MORE

How to gain weight? I am a female of age 21 years..my body weight is 37 only?

I wont eat perfectly and iam a pure vegetarian..how to gain weight..and i cannot handle simple weights my body structure is small...how to develop... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and weight 40kg. My face is very thin. What can I do to become fatter? (Photo)

I am 19 year old and my weight is 40 kg i am very week and my face is also very thin please tell me something to become fat READ MORE

I Want to Gain Weight but Nothing is Working Not Eating nor Protein Shakes. What Can I Do?

I Want to Gain Weight but Nothing is Working Not Eating nor Protein Shakes. What Can I Do? READ MORE

Am I Hypothyroid? or Maybe Something Else?

I'm male 32 yo. W 65 kg H 165 cm, have unexplained weight gain. Workout intense weight training and cardio 6 days/week. 1500 cal diet.Lost 10 kg in 2... READ MORE

What Has Happened to my Body?

I will be seeing an endocrinologist, but I welcome all suggestions. Within the last year, I gained an enormous amount of weight---I am very active and... READ MORE

I'm 21 yr old male. I'm gaining weight from thighs only. Is all fat concentrate on the lower part of the body?

I am a 21 male. I play sports and i am considered somewhat athletic. my problem is that I only gain weight from my thighs not from my belly , arms..... READ MORE

Why be willing to cut portions of my GI tract out surgically, then say I'm too high risk for an Apronectomy for back pain

I gained a lot of weight that I've never had before (5'5" &130lbs normally since I was 13-late 20's) due to an SSRI causing PCOS. The massive weight... READ MORE

How soon can I start my diet after Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery? (photo)

I am about to have surgery on my Posterior tibial tendion and my heel realigned. I have been at home for 3 months hoping that it would heal with the... READ MORE

is it safe to be on phentermine with a hyperthyroid? And is it normal to gain weight even though I have an active thyroid?

I have been diagnosed with Graves' disease . About 3 years ago I had rai . I was put on synthyroid. .125 mcg And I have gained 40 pounds .Now my tsh... READ MORE

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