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What Procedures Do You Recommend After Losing 100 Pounds?

I'm 23 yrs. old, 5'5" tall and 145 pounds. My maximum weight was 250 lbs. I started to go on a diet about 6 yrs. ago, I lost 60 pounds... READ MORE

Best Weight Loss Treatment for 19 Year Old?

I am 5'7" and 192 lbs. I have struggled with my weight for the past 6-7 yrs. I have dieted, exercised and even fasted but I would never get... READ MORE

Loose Skin After Massive Weight Loss. What Are My Options?

I dont want girls laughing at my loose skin, I thought being in a band would help my confidence but it has not. i have lost weight went from 90kg to... READ MORE

Want to Get Rid of my Double Chin?

Im 22 years old, female and weigh 119 lbs. I have a double chin and no prominent jawline. I've had it as a kid but its more prominent now. I want to... READ MORE

Being obese is making me depressed. What can I do to lose weight fast? Surgery? Diet pills? Anything (Photo)

I am a female and I will be 18 in 2wks. My height is 5' 1" and the last time I weighed myself I was 184.4lbs :(.. Doctors say my ideal weight is about... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old, 5'4" and weigh 165 pounds. BMI 28. What would you recommend for me as a weight loss surgery?

I would like to lose around 40-45 pounds (20 kg) Also, I'd like a rhinoplasty is it more practical to do it in the same surgery ? READ MORE

Should I Get the LAP-Band Surgery?

I am a 18yr old male 5'10 and weigh 430 pounds. I am trying to lose the weight naturally with just diet and exercise but it's like i'm making no... READ MORE

Can't seem to lose any weight after HCG sublingual diet. The drops were real mixed myself.

At 19 I bought some HCG overseas and made drops I did the diet for almost 40 days but I cheated cause I was really hungry.I gained half back.I stayed... READ MORE

What would be some appropriate and safe weight loss medicine, techniques or programs for me? 5'2", 18 years old, 335lbs.

I am 18. 335lbs and 5 foot 2 inches. My end goal weight is 150 but I would like to be 225 by August 2015. READ MORE

Changed lifestyle but no change in weight or appearance, could it be a medical issue? Is surgery my only option?

I am a 23 year old 5'11" woman and I weigh 244 pounds. I have changed my diet and have been exercising for 6 months now but I have only lost 6 pounds... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Phentermine? If Not, What Would You Suggest?

24 year old female, 5'2", small frame, 120 lbs. Was always used to weighing 90-100 lbs, looked good and felt great! Gained up to 130, lost ten lbs... READ MORE

Can't Gain Weight/Fat. Lipodystrophy in 19 Yr Old?

I think I have lipodystrophy, and I am only 19. My psychiatrist - and parents, sadly - think I have a delusional disorder, but I'm pretty sure... READ MORE

If I Lose Weight Will my Skin Sag Because I Have Stretch Marks?

I am 24, and weigh 240, I want to be around 175-180. I am worries that if I lose they weight my akin will sag because I have stretch marks on my... READ MORE

Will my Skin Recover 100 Percent After Weight Loss?

When I was 21 I starting taking medication for ocd which I was on for 2 years trying different medications but nothing worked. I am 6'2 and my... READ MORE

What Are Possible Weight Loss Treatments?

I am a 21 y.o. female, currently 204 lbs, 5'6". I have trauma induced arthritis in my spine, chronic shoulder pain, patella femoral pain syndrome in... READ MORE

What Do you Recommend For My Belly Flab? Non-Surgical Methods?

Hi, i am 22, girl, unmarried. 148 lbs, 5'2'' height, i have a large lower belly flab? its quiet hanging, i cant see my panties, sitting or standing! I... READ MORE

How to gain weight? I am a female of age 21 body weight is 37 only?

I wont eat perfectly and iam a pure to gain weight..and i cannot handle simple weights my body structure is to develop... READ MORE

I'm 19 years old and weight 40kg. My face is very thin. What can I do to become fatter? (Photo)

I am 19 year old and my weight is 40 kg i am very week and my face is also very thin please tell me something to become fat READ MORE

In Abrupt Weight Loss, Face Always Return to Normal in 'Young' People when They Recover Normal Weight?

I lost too much weight cause depression. I almost recovered the normal weight but my face still a little thinner than before losing too much weight.... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Gain Muscle Weight Especially if Fast Metabolism?

I am 18 years old and im having fast metabolism i am 170 cm long and 63kg I want to gain some muscles what tips do u give me .. and what about food... READ MORE

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