130-149 Lbs + Weight Loss

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What Procedures Do You Recommend After Losing 100 Pounds?

I'm 23 yrs. old, 5'5" tall and 145 pounds. My maximum weight was 250 lbs. I started to go on a diet about 6 yrs. ago, I lost 60 pounds... READ MORE

I've Reached my Weight Loss Goal-what Procedures Will Help Fix Me? (Photos)

I'm 5'4, 135, 35 yrs, 2 children, history of multiple weight loss/gain (up to 190, lowest 132lbs). I have finally reached my weightloss goal &... READ MORE

40 lbs lost, 20 more possible--stop and stabilize to avoid surgery? Seems like 50+ is lost when skin won't bounce back? (Photo)

On a food plan, healthy, no gastric, not starving. I've lost 40 lbs in 10 months (26 in last 4 mnths) and I'm told should lose 25 more in next 2-3... READ MORE

Will losing about ten pounds effect my breast size?

I want to lose a bit of weight just to tone up a bit. I'm 130 pounds and 5'1 and my breasts are a size 32D. READ MORE

What weight loss procedure is best? (Photo)

I am mid twenty year old college student female, competitive athlete in powerlifting, currently weighing 149lbs at 5'3". I have lost 15lbs so far, but... READ MORE

2 years post op for lipos of the tummy and flanks and I've gained 20 lbs, how can I lose weight? (photos)

I had my surgery in April of 2013. I weighed 130 pounds. A few months after my surgery I started noticing a few pounds of weight gain. I started... READ MORE

I have lupus, what are good weight loss options for me since exercise is painful?

I am 20 years old and I've always struggled losing weight, even when I was healthy I could not lose weight, only maintain it. I was diagnosed with... READ MORE

Why am I not losing weight?

For the past 8 months Ive been exercising for over an hour at least 4 times a week, eat healthy w/ low fat & calorie intakes, & have used metabolism... READ MORE

Have I Reached my Ideal Weight at 140lbs?

I lost the weight I wanted to loose which is 50 lbs. I'm 5'2" and 58 years old. I now weight 140lbs. How do you know what your ideal weight is... READ MORE

What Do you Recommend For My Belly Flab? Non-Surgical Methods?

Hi, i am 22, girl, unmarried. 148 lbs, 5'2'' height, i have a large lower belly flab? its quiet hanging, i cant see my panties, sitting or standing! I... READ MORE

Am I Hypothyroid? or Maybe Something Else?

I'm male 32 yo. W 65 kg H 165 cm, have unexplained weight gain. Workout intense weight training and cardio 6 days/week. 1500 cal diet.Lost 10 kg in 2... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Gain Muscle Weight Especially if Fast Metabolism?

I am 18 years old and im having fast metabolism i am 170 cm long and 63kg I want to gain some muscles what tips do u give me .. and what about food... READ MORE

Why Am I Losing Facial Fat ?

Hi.I am a 18 year old male . I'm 5'8 and weight 130 pounds. 7 months ago I started noticing changes on my face like scarring. I use to chew gutka .... READ MORE

How do I lose weight if I'm 5"2 feet and I weigh around 149 naturally without surgery? (Detailed or suggestions)

I do a lot of sports such as soccer and track that require a lot of running and increasing speed and reducing my time . But I can't seem to boost... READ MORE

What should my calorie intake be?

Im a 16 year old girl that's 5'7 and 140lbs. Ive lost at least 45lbs in the last 2 1/2 years but am having trouble loosing the rest. I run 6-10 miles... READ MORE

Can you give me some tips on how to lose weight? I have gynecomastia

Hello I weigh 145 lbs (66kg) and have gynecomastia. Although I have realised that there is a fatty part of tissue. And I really wamt to lose weight so... READ MORE

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