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How Long Should I Wait After my Bariatric Surgery Before I Get Plastic Surgery?

I know that I'm going to need plastic surgery to remove a lot of excess skin. How long should I wait before I get this done? READ MORE

Will my Type 2 Diabetes Go into Remission After Weight Loss Surgery?

How often do people have successful remission of diabetes when they lose weight? READ MORE

Do I Need to Buy Special Weight Management Foods After my Bariatric Surgery?

Are there special foods I need to buy or particular weight management brands? READ MORE

Need Revisions for Post Weight Loss Surgeries? Regained & Lost 100+ Pounds.

Originally lost 160 pounds with diet & exercise & had several surgeries: brachioplasty, masto w/ saline augmentation, medial thigh lift &... READ MORE

What can I do to stop my body from producing so much fluid after my surgery 5wks ago? Is it not good to be on my feet much?

Had skin removed from inner thighs after weight loss. I am still putting out at least 1000ml a day in one leg and about 5-700ml in the other. I had an... READ MORE

I'm gaining weight quickly after a rapid weight loss with bariatric bypass. What should I do?

I weighed 104kg and had surgery 3 1/2 years ago and came down to 68 kg. It increased to 74 after a few monthts and stayed the same for a whole year .... READ MORE

When Diet Guidelines Are Not Followed After Weight Loss Surgery, Will Ulcers Occur?

How difficult is it to get a healthy stomach again after ulcers following weight loss surgery? Are certain people more likely to get ulcers even they... READ MORE

Can Weight Loss Cure Diabetes?

Is there any truth to the claim that the weight loss surgeries can cause a cure for Type 2 diabetes or is this just a myth? Have there been studies... READ MORE

(VSG/Vertical Sleeve) Gas That Turns into Watery Poop?

I had my VSG on Apr 11, 2013 & my doc made take laxatives 3 days prior to surgery. By the third day I think my body was empty b/c I was having the... READ MORE

What Type of Surgeon is Best to Fix a Large Incisional Hernia?

I have a large incisional hernia due to weightloss surgery. What type of surgeon is best for the fix, gastro., plastic, general or bariatric? Will... READ MORE

What Can Go Wrong Almost 9 Years After RUY Bariatric Surgery?

I had this surgery. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I have been very sick,more this past year. I weighed 320,I now weigh 150...I get so sick... READ MORE

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