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Full Body Skin Bleaching for Vitiligo Treatment?

I have vitiligo, what would you recommend for the fastest full body skin bleaching? READ MORE

Vitiligo Treatment for Lower Lip

My 25 Years Male , I Have Vitiligo in Lower Lip Since 5 Years Ago , I,m Using U.V Therapy. I saw good success but in side lower lip, all I need to... READ MORE

Which Vitiligo Treatments Work?

I want to know what are the best vitiligo treatments? Can someone help me figure it out? READ MORE

Recommendations for Atlanta Dermatologist Specializing in Vitiligo?

My 11 year old son has been diagosed with Vitiligo since he was 5. He had a small white spot in his left eyebrow. We have tried the topical creams,... READ MORE

Is Skin Cancer Risk Increased by Vitiligo?

Do people with vitiligo have increased skin cancer risk? If you have it, what should I use for prevention? Is there a special product or treatment... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I Have Vitiligo?

I look at pictures of Vitiligo and they don't resemble what I have. My Family Doctor said it was, but said don't worry about it. I have TINY(freckle... READ MORE

Is Blotchy Skin a Sign of Vitiligo?

Hello, I'm 21 year old African American. It wasn't until my sister aked why my skin was so blotchy. I have light spots a shade or two lighter than my... READ MORE

How to Cover Vitiligo for Men?

What do men do to cover vitiligo spots without looking caked or camouflage? I have tried artificial tanning (Mystic Tan and an unscented tanning... READ MORE

Does Insurance Normally Cover Vitiligo Treatment?

I've had vitiligo for a few years now and it's getting worse. I want to try some treatments to see if I can get rid of it or at least stop it from... READ MORE

How Safe or Effective is Tattooing for Lip Vitiligo?

Does the color match well? Is repeat surgery needed? Are there any Docs that do this in Chicago? How expensive does this get? What are the side... READ MORE

What Causes Vitiligo?

I just found out I might have vitiligo... how did this happen? Can you get vitiligo from other people, or is it genetic or something? READ MORE

What Are the Symptoms of Vitiligo?

There is small fraction on the right side of my face where the skin color is off from the rest of my skin color. A small patch is on my right eyebrow,... READ MORE

I am Looking for a Vitiligo Treatment is It Safe on Xtrac Laser Treatment or Skin Transplant or Tatoo on Vitiligo Spot

I am Looking  for  a Vitiligo Treatment - is It  Safe on Xtrac Laser Treatment or Skin Transplant or Tatoo on Vitiligo Spot READ MORE

Can I Use Protopic (Tacrolimus Ointment) 0.1% to Treat Vitiligo On the Upper Lips?

Can I Use Protopic (Tacrolimus Ointment) 0.1% to Treat Vitiligo On the Upper Lips? READ MORE

White Spots Develpoing All over my Body - Is This Vitiligo?

I had some white spots arount belly when I was young and went to several years of UVA light treament some years back. Now small white spots are... READ MORE

Fractional Laser on Skin with Vitiligo?

Can you have Fractional Laser on the face if you have Vitiligo? READ MORE

Is Vectical Effective for Treating Vitiligo?

My 12 year old daughter was just diagnosed with vitiligo. The dermatologist gave her Vectical for her small patches on her knees, elbows and small... READ MORE

Pakistan Vitiligo Treatment Doctor Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a hospital or doctor in Pakistan I can go to for Vitiligo treatment? READ MORE

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