Well basically, a
patient comes in, and it works well
for these frown lines that we all get
between the brows. And we use a
nerve stimulator to identify where
the branches of the nerve go across
the brow that help create those creases.
And once we've identified them, we can
place a radio frequency probe onto the
turn it on for a brief period of time, to
heat it up
and ablate or destroy the nerve in that
and then we just march down the nerve and
ablate it in a few other locations, so
that when they're done, they can't frown
at that moment. There'll be a little bit
of swelling afterwards perhaps, but
it's been very well tolerated, and again
it's a nice alternative to
therapy like Botox and other products.

What is Radio Frequency Treatment and How does it Work?

Dr. Andrew Kaufman discusses Radio Frequency Treatment and how it works.

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