When it comes to staying fit, many fats come and go but nothing can replace the building blocks of good health, diet, and exercise. But did you know the same is true for your skin? During exercise, stress causes the muscle fibers to tear triggering natural body responses to regrowth the muscle even stronger than before. A healthy diet aids this natural rebuilding process by providing the nutrients needed for growth.

Just as exercise damages muscle fibers to trigger regrowth, medical micro-needling creates tiny perforations in the skin to initiate a natural healing response. The needles are less than 2-millimeters long, so they only penetrate the surface layers of the skin causing very little discomfort. Micro-needling stimulates cells known as keratinocytes to send messages to deeper fibroblast cells to produce healthy new collagen and elastin fibers.

Just as a healthy diet provides nutrients to aid with muscle building, stem cell serums applied to the skin provide growth factors that penetrate the channels created by micro-needling. To enhance the natural growth response, both micro-needling and stem cell serums are proven to significantly reduce the appearance of scars from injury, acne and stretchmarks as well as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and skin discoloration. Stem cells also produce growth factors for hair, which can be applied to the scalp after micro-needling to regrow hair more effectively and without the side effects of drugs.

The Rejuva Skin Care system brings together breakthrough medical micro-needling technology and cutting edge human stem cell research for a new, natural approach to improving the appearance of skin and hair. Our high quality, American-made micro-needling machines and pharmaceutical grade stem cell serums are proven to achieve better results with shorter healing time than more invasive and expensive treatments.

Rejuva, innovation in skin rejuvenation.

What Is Medical Micro-Needling?

Medical micro-needling creates little holes in the skin, prompting the body to heal itself by producing collagen. A similar process takes place in the muscles of the body following exercise.

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