Denise: I am over 50 years old, currently. And every year, I have the same thought: I want to be 50 and fabulous. I want to be the best me that I can be at the age I am today.

And I also want to do it with non-surgical intervention. With the Ultherapy treatment, the fact that the results built over time was a plus. It allowed me to, actually as the time was passing, visualize what
the end result was going to be.

I would keep looking in the mirror to see if I could see that change, if I could see the definition. And when it finally came to pass, it was quite know that treatment from start to finish will
continue to build over time and continue to give me that fabulous and 50 look that I'm after.

When my outer self looks the best that it can be, it give me that extra boost of confidence to work any room, to navigate any crowd, to fight any battle that I need to fight for those three children that I have. To do what I need to do to navigate today's society, and it is not easy.

It truly wasn't until we looked at my post-operative pictures that we all were aghast at the treatment and the result that I had gotten. I had the beginnings of a turkey neck, and it was gone. [laughs] So was thrilled with my Ultherapy results from that treatment.

My girlfriends and I are all about the same age, and they all want to be the best person that they can be. And when we start talking about the procedures that will allow us to do that, Ultherapy comes to mind first.

Because if they're just looking for a little bit of rejuvenation, a little bit of perfection, that treatment is the one that they should go for. And because I was glowing I looked younger, they couldn't exactly tell why. But I did share that once the compliments started rolling.

Ultherapy Patient Stories: Denise

Denise shares her personal results and opinions from trying Ultherapy to get a "50 and fabulous" result. Sponsored by Ulthera

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