Dr. Paul Friedman: Hello. Today, we're going to be demonstrating laser for tattoo removal. We're here with Brandon.

Brandon: How's it going, everybody?

Dr. Friedman: Who's had, already, five treatments for his tattoo. And you can see the treated area's significantly lighter than the area that hasn't yet been treated. Brandon wanted to keep this note. It's a little bit red and inflamed, because we've partially already treated the area today, and it's a little bit inflamed from the lidocaine injections. I'm using the Q-switched YAG laser, and you're going to see, it's going to have kind of a loud popping sound, as the ink absorbs the laser light. And you just get a little bit of crusting, as demonstrated here. And that typically heals up over about a week. And during that time, Brandon's going to apply a healing ointment, and keep it covered. Does it hurt at all?

Brandon: Not at all.

Dr. Friedman: Okay. And there you have it.

Tattoo Removal Using the Yag Laser

Dr. Paul Friedman demonstrates tattoo removal using the Yag laser.

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