Non-Surgical Nose Job Revisions Using Silikon-1000 Filler

Dr. Joseph demonstrates the application of Silikon-1000 for permanent improvement of irregularities resulted from previous rhinoplasty surgery.

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Miss Faith, you ask a great question. My teachers have used microdroplet silicone injections for nasal irregularities for well over 40 years without significant issue and very high patient satisfaction. Our clinical experience over the last 13 years has been the same. Our patients that are candidates for microdroplet silicone nasal injections as a permanent alternative to revision rhinoplasty surgery, are some of our happiest patients. Thank you and God bless. Dr. Joseph
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Thank you for answer Dr. Joseph.
I'm curious as to why so many facial plastic surgeons advise against permanent fillers and how much long-term research has been done. What are the risks?
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I can't comment on "facial plastic surgeons", however board certified plastic surgeons (myself included) will generally say that there is a place for some permanent fillers, or semi-permanent fillers. One such filler is Sculptra. However, in general, these fillers are for specific indications, and in general, not for areas that move a lot (i.e., lots of animation). Over time they can form lumps and bumps, they can become inflamed, and the skin can become abnormal or discolored. There is no perfect permanent filler. At this point, it is best to go with longer term temporary fillers, resurfacing, skin tightening procedures, and surgery, using proven and safe techniques. Hope this helps. sek
Thank you Dr. Kasden. It does help.