Male Voice: Well, the number of treatments required for a specific tattoo really depends on a number of factors: First of all, how deep the ink is, whether it's professional or amateur. Usually amateur tattoos respond more quickly, the colors of the tattoo. So those are all variables that you have to consider. But we know with the PicoSure technology that the response rate is a lot faster than the traditional Q-switched lasers that we used in the past.


Well, the body basically excretes it. The ink particles are taken into the lymphatic system, and then the body excretes it. But because they're so small now, you can get a lot more of a response and you can destroy a lot more tattooing than we could before.


How Many Treatments does Tattoo Removal Take?

Doctor Bruce E. Katz discusses how the tattoo removal process works with PicoSure and how many treatments it takes before seeing results.

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