Hi, I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer, and I'm a plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. I do a lot of breast augmentation consultations, and a lot of breast augmentation procedures and one of the biggest questions, and I think, the most exciting question to answer, is, "How big should I go?" And really this is a very patient-dependent answer. I like to focus first on the breast width, and that really has to do with measurements that I take during the examination process, and that helps me to narrow it down to the implants that will work with a woman's specific body shape.

But I think the most effective way to size a patient for breast augmentation, is to have them wear their favorite outfit that they want to fill out. I had a flight attendant wear her flight attendant uniform, and we basically have the women wear a sports bra, and my nurse and I will insert various sizes of silicone gel inserts into the bra, to the point that the patient likes the size. And sometimes I'll have the patients wear those sizers home. They take pictures, and show their friends, perhaps, and that allows a little time to sink in, and to have the women settle onto a size. But I've found that to be very effective, both with the breast width measurements, and then the in-office sizing system, to get to that correct size.

There really is no right answer across the board, and it's something that is very patient-dependent. So, I encourage you to come in and see me, and my consultations are free. Again, I'm in Melbourne, Florida, and I'm Dr. Adam Oppenheimer. Thanks for watching.

Breast Implant Size: How Big Should I Go?

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer explains how he works with patients to determine the perfect size implant before making a final decision and moving into surgery.

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I wish u were my ps. Good attitude not information
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I meant good attitude and information.
Oh it erased my message if u want big go big my doctor started with 500 cc's and I looked up images of boobs and found a pic and they were 700 cc's and said that's what I want. And she said ur sure and I said yes and did it look under my profile and u can see pics I love them! Ur paying for them doesn't matter the size they cost the same unless u go over 800ccs and that's considered xl breast.
A primary consideration I WISH had been emphasized to me before deciding on size is standard fashion sizing measurements. I regret going as large as I did -- though proportionate to my height, I am tired of not fitting standard shirts, jackets and dresses. I had mine done in northern Virginia in 2006, and have wanted to go smaller ever since, but am afraid of spending a ton of money only to get disfiguring scarring, especially if I would require a lift with smaller implants.
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I am700ccs and love them show them off I wear tight t shirts spandex dresses. And when I wear button ups even xl don't button but I let my cleave show and don't button that boob button and it doesn't look tacky I am far from tacky it looks sexy even with shorts and flip flops u look hot if u got them show them but in a classy way! Enjoy them don't regret them