Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is an amazing non-surgical technique which basically freezes your fat. The theory behind Coolsculpting is it utilizes what’s called the principle of popsicle panniculitis, meaning that it freezes your fat. They observe small children who were eating popsicles, and over a period of time, while they’re eating the popsicle, the buccal mucosa, which is the fat pocket inside their mouth, got frozen and temporarily, would diminish. So they realized, based on those principles, that actually, fat could be frozen. So, they’ve adapted that technology into something that can permanently freeze your fat. And the best patients, or patients who are physically fit, it is not a weight loss device. It is designed for patients who’ve been exercising and dieting, but they have a bulge either in their abdomen, their love handles, their buttocks, that they can’t seen to get rid of. That’s the perfect patient for Zeltiq.

You come to the office and you tell me which area you’re unhappy with. Either, the abdomen, the thighs, the buttocks, the love handles, and we mark and measure those areas. We then fit the adaptor to that given area, and you’ll feel a suction when the adaptor is applied to your skin. The first few moments, four or five minutes, you’ll feel some tugging, you’ll feel sort of the suction of the machine, you’ll feel tiny bit uncomfortable; but then, within five or six minutes, you’re completely frozen in that area, you won’t feel anything. Most patients bring their iPad, bring their work, text, call people on the phone, you can do whatever you want during that hour. If you’re doing one area, say the abdomen, you’ll be here for one hour. But if you’re doing the flanks, which is two sides, or you’re doing your buttocks, which two sides, you’ll need two hours.

So traditionally, I tell patients to come for an hour and a half for a given area so that we can mark them, we take before and after photographs, and make sure that they’re massaged for at least five minutes after the procedure. And then, you can resume normal activity. If you go to the gym everyday, you can go back to the gym the same day.

Zeltiq is amazing in the sense that it works on everyone. If will freeze the fat in a given area by 20%. It takes about three to four months to see that area diminish. So, it’s not a weight loss device, but what patients normally note is that their pants size is decreased maybe by a size or two sizes, depending on the inch or two that you lost from that 20% of the fat. I have so many patients you’ve been so happy with the one procedure that they’ve come back three or four months later to do not only a second area but sometimes, to repeat that same area because they want even more definition, because if they do it twice, they’ll get 40% of the fat frozen in the given area. So, they have remarkable results. So, I know the patients really love it because they come back to do another area, or they’ve send their friends to get it done.

The CoolSculpting Theory, Procedure, and Results

Dr. Michele Green explains the theory of CoolSculpting and who the perfect patient is. She then describes and demonstrates the non surgical, fat freezing procedure.

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