The natural way to address the cheek, you know, whether it's volume or if it's truly the bone, you have to assess the patient, you know, so the bone area relative to where the eye sits. You have to make sure if it's just a soft tissue issue or if it's down deep into the bone, the bone structure. So if it's truly a bone structure deficit then we can use like an on lay augmentation onto the bone. It can be done through an inner mouth incision, the Caldwell-Luc incision. Otherwise, nowadays, we're doing a lot with fat grafting. So fat grafting through a tiny poke incision, little numbing in the tummy area where we borrow the fat. So we get the fat, living tissue, it's your own tissue, no rejection, no allergic reaction. Two little poke incisions on each side of the nasal ala. We can get in there, fill up that cheek volume, you give it that nice apple cheeks that, you know, you used to have it as a kid. And then we turn down and fill in the nasolabial folds, sometimes a little in the corners of the mouth, also, take away a little shadow which sometimes adds to a frown.


Cheek Augmentation Options

Dr. Chester Cheng explains the importance of a proper patient assessment before deciding on a cheek treatment. He also explains several treatments available today.

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