Breast Implant Problems: Muscle Flex Deformity

Dr. Lisa Cassileth explains Muscle Flex Deformity, which is where breast implants move downward when the chest muscles are flexed. Her patient is shown before & after corrective surgery to adjust her implants and create a natural range of motion.

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Hi, I loved your video, I have the same problem , I was surprised that some surgeons said I would have to live with it, others were clueless , I myself thought I would have to live with it, it seems like an uncomplicated issue, is it uncomplicated to fix ? Thank you so much ! I need to find a doctor who knows how to fix this ! I didn't know it was so uncommon. Mine is really bad. I think my original surgeon didn't release the muscle, I had it soon after surgery and it got worse, and no one here seemed to know why! , I didn't understand how I could be the only one with this problem in my state, Thank you again !!