Dr. Steven Weiner: In the insertion site, I'm going to fill in above her lip and her lip, upper and lower, all through the same.

Male Voice: This is so awesome.

Dr. Steven Weiner: So there you go.

Male Voice: So you goal is filling in above the lip?

Dr. Steven Weiner: I'm filling above the lip right now.

Male Voice: Is to really kind of raise this top part of the lip, you know, her columns and everything?

Dr. Steven Weiner: Now, I'm just doing her lip here.

Male Voice: Wow.

Dr. Steven Weiner: And now I go to the lower lip. Here we go, lower lip.

Female Voice: It doesn't hurt at all.

Lip Enhancement with the Blunt Cannula Technique

Doctor Steven Weiner discusses the blunt cannula technique in lip augmentation.

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