After the After: Botched Season 1, Episode 1: After Show With Dr. Paul Nassif

This is the only Botched after show with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif! In the premiere episode, RealSelf sits down with Dr. Nassif to talk behind-the-scenes scoop.

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I enjoy this show and there expertise allowing people to see the reality & risks of surgery. To those who's comments aren't so favorable "no-body" is perfect & yet you seek perfection through surgery's expectations . I would volunteer to do a show with these Dr.'s as long as they stop showing re-runs :) already.
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I am scheduled to have an on camera audition today for Botched! I'm so excited and nervous. It has been a long time since I have had some hope about the outcome of my surgery June of 2013. Crossing my fingers. :)
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Good luck sweetheart!!!
Thank you so much! I think it went well. The director for the interview was so nice, understanding and just such a really genuine person. She helped to take away some of my nerves and at times I forgot I was even on camera. Now they'll be editing my video and submitting it to the producers. I hope they pick me to get fixed.
Oh so do I !!! What happened sweetheart? If you don't mind me asking. If so, no worries at all because I understand. i just hope they can help you :)
I'd love to have you read my review on here. I think you can click on my name or picture to get to it.
Lucky you :) I wish they would pick me
Not really lucky to not be healed over a year post op! Lol And to have fist sized holes cut into my abdomin while I was wide awake. But if i get chosen i would very much so consider myself lucky to be chosen. Did you have a botched surgery motzart?
No I haven't, I had a car accident that wasn't my fault and received a chest contusion :/ meaning the my implants are leaking and misshaped. When I say "Lucky you" meaning your in the solution now and there available to help :) you Good Luck and let us know when so we can tune in :) XO
I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I hope you're able to get it fixed. I'm waiting to hear if they chose me but if they do I'll be sure to post. :) Thank you for the luck and best wishes to you.
I don't have cable tv so appreciate the episode recaps which have good information, especially Chako and Dr. Nassif's Q&A sessions, they're so genuine.
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I love this show iswear and dr. Nassif is in some way so handsome lol
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Have you seen the latest one? Check out episode 6!
"Botched" is the new favorite water cooler topic. Both my staff and I are enjoying watching and discussing the show. Thanks to Real Self for following along and offering us the After the After! ChangesPlastics
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I was looking forward to the show but disappointed to see Janice Dickenson on the show. I guess it brings in an audience to see a "celebrity" behaving badly but I would rather see real people that have botched surgery. All you have to do is search botched on real self and you will see so many people in need. Maybe I just need to lighten up and realize the show is more about entertainment?
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I feel the same way...i was a little disappointed to see Janice D.being so trivial regarding a procedure so many ladies with botched surgeries wanted.
I find it disheartening that Nassif is doing this show. I went to him for revision rhino, understanding it was a difficult surgery, but things went wrong, he was seeing other patients while I was under while supposedly surgery was being performed on me. The outcome was extremely disappointing. He said he would back his work but kept giving me excuses and saying nothing was wrong with it, all the while asking me to do interviews with publications to support him. I'm just a poor working shmo who took a second on my house to get this surgery, not some big name star. I feel if I was someone of importance, he would have backed his work. Instead, his ego wouldn't let him admit that some modifications after the surgery were needed. I didn't expect a perfect outcome but expected him to back his work and be willing to make modifications as he promised from the start. I think his ego didn't allow for him to admit that things didn't go as expected and he kept trying to blame it on others. Thankfully I found a wonderfully humble surgeon who has a heart much bigger than his ego and he has helped me fix some of the issues over the last few years at much less cost. Beverly Hills with a high dollar cost doesn't always mean its going to be better. I recommend you do your homework and get referrals from people who you know.
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I love the fact u gave ur honest opinion here about this tv show featuring this Hollywood Dr &how he is just a egostatistic man whom only wants money n fame because he's on tv &in Hollywood& he's just on tv for his ego&his wallet not his Realness of his work!! I wish I could have a Brazillin Butt Zlift tht along w Dental Inplants for a "DREAM COME TRUE" dream come true ever since I was like3-4 years young!! Yes I said 3-4 years young!! That's how much I've been living with depression& lack self confidence! And I just WISH I could afford to have these two things done to make me truely HAPPY!! I have tried committing suicide but that did not work so here I live "DEPRESSED!!"
I wanted to remain anomonous!!
Hi Lisawashere, you can update your profile name at any time under profile/ username.
Happy is an inside job- if your not happy with what you have now, What makes you think you'll be happy with more , better , bigger pumped up butt? that's an ass job you sold yourself in to believing. Be happy no matter what. Good things come to happy people ") good luck xo be good to yourself
I saw the show and was not impressed by the rhino revision. But could anyone blame the doctors, of course not. She had under gone numerous surgeries and has been permanently disfigured. I do also understand that her nose was still swollen and over time could look better but my heart really went out to her. *tear* and praying for her full recovery.
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I would like to know if Dr Nassif did any work on his ex wife 'face, ? Adrianne 'face is not natural and it looks far from good or far from looking younger, the botox and other work on her it is too obvious , and that make her look bad , in fact most of these woman are aging ungracefully, when I lll get some botox , it will be little and my face should look normal. Just a very minor touch , I would like to see Dr explaining that , that less is more , and too much well it make you look older , like Adrianne , if you are truly young and beautiful , your face should not look stiff, too much Botox age you. Hopefully he did not do any work on her , if yes then i ll loose all respect for him and his work . Voila
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I think she looks how she wants to look; her appearance is traditional for those who want to exchange every sign of a wrinkle for the over-filled look. Some like it :) I personally wouldn't fault a plastic surgeon for this. There's only so much plastic surgery can do, and it is up to the individual patient to be as aggressive or conservative as they like and choose a plastic surgeon that listens to their goals. I am in my early thirties and starting to notice the signs of aging - right now I have no filler and a little Botox, but who knows how I will feel in 20 or 30 years, or heck even sooner. Aging is tough, especially for is women, and we all cope differently. Also, face lifts are truly difficult. Even an excellent surgeon can't guarantee good results no matter what. This is why you see the celebs with bad face lifts. They didn't pick te wrong doc per-se, it's just one of those things :) Good plastic surgeons help patients achieve their personal aesthetic goals. Within reason. :)