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What Are These Little White Bumps/Pimples on my Skin After VI Peel? (photo)

I really cant describe this, I just want you to look at the pic. They are not bumps/nor pimples, but they seem to come out of every follicle,... READ MORE

Hyperpigmation Got Darker After VI Peel?

I had a VI peel 12 days ago and it seems that my hyperpigmentation got darker. Will this fade? The dark spots were the reason I got the peel. Now they... READ MORE

After Vi Peel I Noticed Tiny Pock Marks That Weren't There Before, Permanent?

Fair, beautiful skin with some minor sun damage. Tried a vi peel and now I have a few small pock marks on my cheek and hyperpigmentation on cheek... READ MORE

Will a VI Peel Lighten my Facial Scar?

33 year old male with a facial scar under my eye from a fight. i have used a 8% hydroquinone cream on it for 6 months and it has worked well lighting... READ MORE

Would a Vi or Glycolic Peel Restore my Collagen?

I'm 58 W/ Thin Irish Skin That Flushes Red in a Warm Shower. I wear hats & 30 SPF block faithfully & live in sunny So-Cal. 5 yrs ago... READ MORE

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Will this ever go away? (Photo)

Post 7 days VI peel I have coarse skin and hyperpigmentation on my neck. I think it's PIH, would this ever go away. What should I use to make it go... READ MORE

Do all facial treatments - Vi derm, fraxel, peels, etc. require sunscreen at ALL times forever?

I have read articles on the dangers of sunscreen. Is there good research on using it vs just avoiding the sun? Can wearing a large brimmed hat or... READ MORE

Post Peel - Itching/swelling of Eyelids, How To Treat This? (photo)

I had my first VI peel done 1.5 months ago.They put acetone and peel on my face but not my eyelids.Following the instructions in the post peel... READ MORE

Too much sun exposure after Vi Peel on Day 5? Is this normal or what can I do to undue any potential damage? (Photo)

I had a Vi Peel done 6 days ago. I am concerned because I was out yesterday (day 5 after the peel) in the sun for an hour with SPF 30 on my face. I... READ MORE

How do I treat my very raw and painful post-vi peel? What should I put on it and can I exercise?

I had the peel 4 days ago and I peeled it. I know I shouldn't have, I couldn't help it. It's very painful on the chin area and seems to be peeling for... READ MORE

What type of scarring is this? Would Vi peel be effective, followed by a laser? (Photo)

What type of scarring is this? Never tried any type of treatment for scarring and am wondering if a vi peel would be effective, followed by a laser?... READ MORE

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