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How Can I Prevent Spider Veins?

My sisters have spider veins on their legs around their knees. I would love to avoid getting these! what can I do best to prevent spider veins from... READ MORE

Steps to Treat and Prevent Varicose Veins?

What are the steps should I go for to fix varicose veins and prevent them frm appearing again. I'm 26 years old, female. The veins on both of my legs... READ MORE

How to Prevent Varicose Veins on Legs?

I think I have started developing varicose veins on my feet. Thankfully nothing can be seen on my legs but I am very apprehensive, I do not want the... READ MORE

How Do You Prevent Spider Veins on Your Face?

I'm getting little bluish veins on my face right beneath the eye and on the eyelid. It feels like the skin is thinner there, and the veins are more... READ MORE

How would I be able to prevent the formation of new veins after I undergo a vein treatment?

I'm a teenager that suffers with dark blue veins under my eyes. I've had them since birth and was thinking of trying sclerotherapy. I know that... READ MORE

Why VNUS closure not working for me?

I had twice VNUS closure, a phlebectomy and sclerotherapy in the same leg. Varicose veins keeps appearing. I thought that VNUS closure prevents for... READ MORE

Will VNUS closure prevent new spider veins? Spider veins with no reticular veins?

I previously had VNUS closure in 4 of the deep veins in my L and R legs. I have also had spider veins treated with sclerotherapy. 2 doctors I've seen... READ MORE

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