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Will These Popped out Veins on my Wrist Pose a Problem?

I had a surgery and as part of it was an iv insertion. Week 1 i got bruising on my hand where the iv was placed which I know is normal but I started... READ MORE

Tingling, Slight Pain and Numbness in the Legs After Laser Vein Treatment - Normal?

5 Days post-op. I didn't visit an MD unfortunately and am now worried about these items, especially as I was told the only side effect I could... READ MORE

I Have a Painful Vein Under my Breast. I Am Very Busty. What Are My Options?

I Have a Painful Vein Under my Breast. I Am Very Busty. What Are My Options? READ MORE

How Do I Get My Worsening Varicose Veins to Disappear! (photo)

At 33 years old Im ready for my painful varicose veins to be gone! EVLT? Or, what treatment (if any) will take away the pain, burning and itching as... READ MORE

What Kind of Laser Do You Use to Treat the Remaining Spider Veins? Is It Painful?

What kind of laser (name/brand) do you use to treat the remaining spider veins? Is it painful, how long does it take to heal and is there any preop prep READ MORE

Is It Varicose Veins?

At my job I walk a lot and lift 1-15 lb objects a lot. I also exercise about 4 times a week, running on the treadmill and doing exercises such as... READ MORE

Can You Expound on the Broken Capillaries on the Face Question?

I have these small veins all over my face and nose. I went to a Bev Hills Dr who said he was the only Dr that had the laser. NO numbing at all and it... READ MORE

I Had Blue Macule on my Right Leg for Sometime and Wasn't Painful and then Disappeared?

I also have some visible veins in the area of popliteal fossa i sometimes experience severe pain in my legs in the area of popliteal fossa after long... READ MORE

Veins on legs becoming more and more noticeable and painful how can I treat this?

It seems they are starting to form very early for me (im only 17) and I already purchased some support stockings and im elevating my legs and moving a... READ MORE

I had 4 DVTs. I was on 6 months of warfin. Now my leg is swollen at the top and swells at the bottom periodically

Now I have CVI. I actually started having the swelling a year ago and have had more than my share of sonograms. It wasn't until recently that I was... READ MORE

I have a protruding vein directly under my right eye that has become painful. What treatment would you recommend?

4 days ago I was taking my makeup off and directly under my right eye felt bruised almost. When I looked in the mirror closer I noticed that there is... READ MORE

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