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Is Vaser Shape (Not Vaser Lipo) Too Good to Be True?

There is a lot of inconsistency in what the procedure can supposedly accomplish. Most places claim that it destroys the actual fat cell whereas others... READ MORE

My Doctor Offers Both CoolSculpting and VASER Shape, How Do They Compare?

My doctor offers both CoolSculpting and VASER Shape, how do they compare? READ MORE

What Are the Potential Side-effects from a VASER Shape Treatment?

What are the potential side-effects from a VASER Shape treatment? READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Skin Laxity After Vaser Shape Treatment?

I am a 55 yr old female with approximately 16% body fat. I'm considering the non-invasive procedure, Vaser Shape, to remove fat from below my... READ MORE

I Am a Male with Overdeveloped Tissue in my Chest, Aka “man Boobs”; is VASER Shape Right for Me?

I am a male with overdeveloped tissue in my chest, aka “man boobs”; is VASER Shape right for me? READ MORE

How Does the Pricing Work for VASER Shape? Will I Pay Per Body Area?

How does the pricing work for VASER Shape? Will I pay per body area? READ MORE

I Have Loose Abdominal Skin Following Childbirth, is VASER Shape Something That Could Correct This?

I have loose abdominal skin following childbirth, is VASER Shape something that could correct this? READ MORE

Would Vaser Shape Be a Good Non Surgical Option for Me? (photo)

Would VASER Shape(not lipo) be a good option for me for losing some fat and some tightening of upper abdomen? Im not completely sure I want to do an... READ MORE

How Frequent Are VASER Shape Treatments Needed to Treat Upper Thigh Cellulite?

How frequent are VASER Shape treatments needed to treat upper thigh cellulite? READ MORE

Though I’m Athletic, I Cannot Get Rid of the Stubborn Pooch Below my Belly Button. How Many Treatments For a Flat Stomach?

Though I’m athletic, I cannot get rid of the stubborn pooch below my belly button. How many treatments of VASER Shape until I have a flat stomach? READ MORE

How Safe is Vaser Shape if You Are Trying to Conceive? Would It Hinder Conception?

I am demoing the machine for work so I'm only having 1 treatment. It's way too early to tell if I'm pregnant before the procedure as I... READ MORE

I Dislike the Appearance of Cellulite on my Upper Arms, Can VASER Shape Treat This Area?

I dislike the appearance of cellulite on my upper arms, can VASER Shape treat this area? READ MORE

Is VASER Shape a Good Option for a Turkey Neck?

Is VASER Shape a good option for a turkey neck? READ MORE

Do I Need to Reach an Ideal Weight or BMI Before I Am a Candidate for VASER Shape?

Do I need to reach an ideal weight or BMI before I am a candidate for VASER Shape? READ MORE

I Cannot Take Much Time off my Job, is VASER Shape Something I Could Do on my Lunch Break and Return to Work?

I cannot take much time off my job, is VASER Shape something I could do on my lunch break and return to work? READ MORE

How Much of a Difference is 4D Sculpt to Hi Def and the Cost of It?

How Much of a Difference is 4D Sculpt to Hi Def and the Cost of It,thanks! Abs,flanks READ MORE

I Am Very Overweight, Perhaps Obese, Can VASER Shape Work for Me?

I am very overweight, perhaps obese, can VASER Shape work for me? READ MORE

I Am Thinking of Doing a Detox Diet Soon, Would VASER Shape Be a Good Supplement to my Regimen?

I am thinking of doing a detox diet soon, would VASER Shape be a good supplement to my regimen? READ MORE

I Am Taking a Blood-thinner, Am I a Candidate for VASER Shape?

I am taking a blood-thinner, am I a candidate for VASER Shape? READ MORE

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