Timing + Vaser Liposuction

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How Long Will the Swelling Take to Go Down After Vaser Lipo to the Legs?

I had vaser lipo on my knees, hips, inner and outer thighs 1 week ago. I am still swollen which I know I will be but how long will it take to go down... READ MORE

Disappointed with Lack of Results from Vaser Liposuction

I had vaser lipo done 4200 cc was taken from back upper and lower tummy also flanks, a month later i had 350 cc taken from my arms..i see results on... READ MORE

Activity Limitations After Vaser Liposelection?

I am having Vaser Liposelection 10 days before I am scheduled to go on my Spring vacation. Will I be held back from any activities I'll be taking part... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wear my Neck Compression Garment After Vaser Lipo?

I'm going to get Vaser Liposuction to 7 areas, including my neck. I am just conscious about the neck compression garments, because those are the... READ MORE

Recommendations For Exercise During Vaser Lipo Recovery (At 2weeks&5days)?

Im a gym addict: It's been 2 weeks & 6 days after my Vaser on lower back, inner outer thighs and lower abs. Can I start working out my upper... READ MORE

When Will This Swelling and Soreness Go Away?

It is the 5 th day after my vaser lipo on my tummy love handles and chest. The soreness in my chest is ouch!!! And I look bigger than I did before the... READ MORE

I Have Swollen Lymph Glands in Neck over 3 Months After Vaser Lipo?

The initial swelling in my neck has now gone, however the glands under my chin are very swelled - around 2" in diameter. Will they eventually... READ MORE

Which to Do First Vaser Lipo for my Body or Breast Lifting?

Hello doctors , thank you for ur time ...iam planing to do vaser lipo for my body : back . Thighs in all sides , calfs , abdomin and have some fat... READ MORE

Why is It That It Takes 3 to 6 Months Following Vaser for Final Results?

What happens in the body during this time, and why are the results continuously improving rather than instantaneous? READ MORE

Is a lymphatic drainage massage essential after Vaser liposuction? If so, when should I have one?

Is it essential to have lymphatic drainage massage after vaser liposuction? Is so how soon should I have one? I'm just over 11 days post vaser... READ MORE

What is the Amount of Time Between Two Vaser Procedures that I Should Wait?

I am planning on having a breast lift /augmentation with some vaser lipo for the back of the arms and side chest area. I also want to do vaser for my... READ MORE

I Had my Lipodissolve July 23 and Vaser Lipo Aug. 29,will That Affects the Result of my Vaser Lipo?

I had my lipodissolve july 23 and vaser lipo aug 29, will that affects the result of my vaser lipo? my doctor told she had a hard time taking out the... READ MORE

I have a scar from doing rib cartilage (6th rib incision) rhinoplasty. Is it recommended that I wait to get Vaser Lipo?

I got rib cartilage revision rhinoplasty (6th rib) 2 months ago. I am interested in having midsection Vaser Lipo to bring out abdominal definition. READ MORE

I have a burn after Vaser Liposuction, how long until the scar disappears? (photo)

45 days post operation, I have a burned skin that started being red , turned into dark with white mucus and now the skin is completely white .is this... READ MORE

How long until swelling subsides. Is swelling to this extent normal?

I had lipo vaser of circumferential thighs one week ago, my thighs are bigger than pre op is this amount of swelling normal . I'm wearing my... READ MORE

How Long After Vaser on Abs and Back Before Can I Fly (12Hour Trip)?

I have prolapse valve mitral. I had a regular liposuction 7 years ago. I am about to have the vaser procedure in 3 days from today. READ MORE

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