Massage + Vaser Liposuction

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After Vaser Lipo is it Good to Massage?

I have vaser lipo yesterday do i have to do massage to have good resolt? READ MORE

Swelling 5 Weeks After Vaser Lipo to Abdomen , Is This Normal?

I had Vaser Lipo treatment on my abdomen 5 weeks ago. Every day I get a build-up of fluid on my upper abdomen and it goes all lumpy and wrinkly and... READ MORE

Do Lymphatic Massages Really Help After Vaser Lipo?

I have consulted two plastic surgeons about having Vaser done. The first doctor didn't mention anything about having lymphatic massages after the... READ MORE

Does Vigorous Massage (Vibrating Massager Machine) Make Skin Dimpling/looseness Worse After Abdominal Vaser Lipo?

I had a small amount of fat removed from under my naval (around half a liter) I remember it looked smooth and flat as soon as it was finished I am... READ MORE

How Did I Get a Large Hematoma After Minor Vaser Lipo to my Lower Abs?

7 days after my op I had my 3rd massage although termed deep tissue. 2 hours later my whole abdomen swelled like never before and I was rushed to... READ MORE

I have found a dent on my left hip post vaser lipo. Is this something i should schedule an appointment for? (Photos)

I noticed a dent on my left hip 5 days post op, since massaging it, i noticed the dent has gotten worse and very tender. There is a part of it that... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Vaser Lipo, I have lumps and swelling. Is this normal?

Greetings! I had Vaser lipo performed on my upper, middle and lower abs and my flanks exactly 3 weeks ago. My PS said she was able to remove 1 liter... READ MORE

I am three and a half months post Vaser lipo on abs, sides and back--360 lipo--and I still have hard swelling. Is this normal?

I still have a hard roll of "fat" underneath belly button. I have tried endermologie, lymphatic massage and many other post-op procedures but nothing... READ MORE

Is there some type of manual massage with my fingers I can do to get rid of the ripples above my bellybutton? Is it cellulite?

I've left four messages at my doctor's office with this question and got No return call. In his post op instructions, it says therapeutic massage is... READ MORE

How soon after vaser shall I start getting a massage?

How soon after vaser shall I start getting a massages? READ MORE

Professional massage post Lipo instead of self massage?

On December 18 - I had lipo inner & outer thigh, flanks, abdomen with a TT, BA & breast lift. My TT & BA are great, but I see very little difference... READ MORE

4.5 weeks post op Vasar liposuction, still having burning on thighs, and itching everywhere. Any suggestions?

Plus by end of day legs feel very swallen. Should I be concerned, and is this going into lipoderma? I message legs daily, and use ice for the swelling... READ MORE

Massage After Vaser Lipo Helpful?

I have stomach/thighs/arms what is the best type of massage after lipovaser/accushape surgery and when should it be started. I have a powerplate wich... READ MORE

Can I use my own ultrasound machine for massage after vaser lipsosuction?

Hi, i am booked in for vaser on 07/05/14, the surgeon discussed with me lymphatic drainage massager after the procedure. i have an ultrasound massage... READ MORE

How do I get fluid out of my abdomen? 5 months post vaser lipo

I never received any referral for massage therapy. I am deep finger manipulating the area myself. Do I dig up towards my belly button, downward, or... READ MORE

How should the pressure of MLD massage be post vaser lipo?

I had Vaser Lipo done on my knees, inner and outer thigh and lower abdomen, I visited an MLD therapist for the MLD massage, she was heavy handed,... READ MORE

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