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I Would Like to Have Vaser Liposuction for Lipedema in the Arms and Legs. Is That Possible? (Not Lymphedema)

I currently weigh 197 pounds and I have lipedema in my legs (hip to calf) and arms (tricep). How can I find a doctor familiar with lipedema to do the... READ MORE

Vasered Legs - Will I Gain Weight in Other Parts of My Body?

I am getting vaser on my legs in december. my dr. recommended inner outer and medial. as of right now i am fairly thin and carry my weight in my... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Bruises 6 Months After Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser liposuction on the back of my legs and inner thighs. I had these black bruises that are driving crazy. I had been taking Arnica and also... READ MORE

Is There a Solution for Skin Itchiness After Having Vaser Lipo?

I had vaser lipo on my entire thighs & knees about 2 1/2 weeks ago. As I heal I am experiencing some major itching where I have & had bruising... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Swelling After Vaser Lipo? Why Does It Take So Long to See the Final Results?

I am seven days post vaser after having my inner/outer thighs, flanks and knees done. I had 1000cc removed and I have a huge amount of swelling with... READ MORE

Will Vaser Liposuction Change the Contours of my Calves?

Will vaser liposuction remove fat while maintaining the normal shape of a calf? READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Plus Traditional Lipo and Fat Transfer?

I would like to have a lipo performed on my thighs, hips,love handles, lower stomach, inner knees and ankles. and then have a fat grafting procedure... READ MORE

Water Bag Under Skin After Vaser in Legs?

I have vaser done in my legs 3 weeks ago. Last week one of my legs started to form a water bag under my skin. It had drained with a needle 2 times... READ MORE

Did my PS deliberately suction my banana rolls? Bad, dented results on legs, ptosis of buttocks from Vaser lipo 2 mth ago. photo

My legs have been left with dents and divots and I have since developed ptosis of the buttocks. I'm trying to understand what happened. I specifically... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Body Tide?

When it comes to tighten especially the legs and removing cellulite, which procedure would you recomend? One doctor tells me Vaser is the best and... READ MORE

Vaser Liposuction Concern: I'm twice the size before my procedure. Is this normal?

I had Vaser Lipo two weeks ago on my abs, arms and legs... I'm twice the size before my procedure. My doctor says this is normal, but I'm very... READ MORE

legs/thigh swelling after vaser lipo? Is it normal for legs to seem heavy?

I had full ab vaser liposuction one week ago. However, my thighs and legs now seem heavy and my pants are fitting snug around there. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have Vaser Lipo if I have lymphatic drainage difficulties in my legs? (photos)

My legs get very swollen and puffy from morning to evening, the skin is not toned and I have lots of water retention , my body shape is pear and I... READ MORE

4.5 weeks post op Vasar liposuction, still having burning on thighs, and itching everywhere. Any suggestions?

Plus by end of day legs feel very swallen. Should I be concerned, and is this going into lipoderma? I message legs daily, and use ice for the swelling... READ MORE

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