Post-pregnancy + Vaginoplasty

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Vaginoplasty to Decrease Laxity from Childbirth?

I would like to know if vaginoplasty would be a good option for me. 19 yrs ago, I had a difficult vaginal delivery. I was in labor for 56 hours, and... READ MORE

Is my vagina normal? Do I need any procedure? (Photo)

After I had my daughter I realized my vagina no longer looks the same. It's as if I can see my insides. It seriously freaks me out. Is it normal or... READ MORE

I have had 3 kids. What's the best surgery to tighten my vagina back to its original state before children? (Photo)

I am very embarrassed of my vagina sometimes after sex with my husband I cry I feel like he doesn't enjoy it. I worry that he will want someone else.... READ MORE

Price for Vaginal Tightening Post-Pregnancy

I have had three children vaginal, naturally I feel as it I have lost my tightness. I would like to know the price for vaginal tightening and what... READ MORE

What's the cost and recovery time for vaginoplasty?

I am mother of two with natural birthn and 43 years old. I want to do vaginoplasty and like to know the cost and downtime. READ MORE

What procedures would I need to fix my sagging perineum and husband stitch? (Photo)

Was stitched up wrong after the birth of my first child by the midwife. (Husband stitch) It has caused sexual problems. Where it's really tight and... READ MORE

What's the cost of laser vaginal tightening in nyc?

I want to know what is the price range for laser tightening of the wall etc? I am 21 years old and have a year old son. I definitely do not feel the... READ MORE

Bladder Sling or Vaginoplasty?

Hello! So I am a 34 year old mother of 2 with stress urinary incontinence. I leak when I sneeze, cough, exercise, and worst of all during sex! It's... READ MORE

Is the inside of my vagina normal? If not, can it be fixed with surgery? (Photo)

I am a mom, I gave birth years ago, and was split..... I don't now if I don't heal properly or if this is just how it looks...... Is this normal... READ MORE

What are some natural ways to tighten a vagina besides kegal exercises?

After having my son sex is not the same I feel loose and I can barely feel him. I do legal excersizes all the time but it's not working? What other... READ MORE

Is it normal to be still bleeding and feel pressure in my vagina 3 weeks after a vaginoplasty?

I'm 51, had 5 vaginal births, periods stopped 4 years ago. Although not heavily, I've been bleeding continually since the procedure. I saw my surgeon... READ MORE

Will my Dr prescribe more pain meds days after a rectocele and vaginal repair surgery?

I had a posterior vaginal repair; intraperitoneal uterosacral plication, cystoscopy done on 3/4/2015, the Dr gave me #20 percocet 5mg 1-2 every 4... READ MORE

What to do after pelvic floor repair, if i still feel loose?

I had my first child in 2001 n i came to know dat i had a severe tearing. i went to doctor and he told me to do pelvic floor repair after my second... READ MORE

What to do next after pelvic floor repair, if i still feel loose?

I did pelvic floor repair in 2013 after my second child birth. i had, i think 3rd degree tearing in 2001after my first child. i still feel loose and... READ MORE

I Have a Grade One Cystocele: Will Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Correct It?

I developed a cystocele grade 1 after the birth of my third daughter. I do not have incontinence or leaking but do urinate frequently. I also get a... READ MORE

Is it possible to get help? I don't have money after giving birth to my twins in 2009

My vigina is very big i cant even have sex its very embarrassing i even develop anger and hatred towards my kids but i know its not their fault but... READ MORE

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