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Can I be restored to be like a virgin again (vaginoplasty)?

I have not had any children and dont plan to, but I feel I am loose, I'd like to have tightening surgery but what I am wondering is if I can be... READ MORE

Vaginal Plasty To Increase Sex Drive?

I have been concerned with my bedroom activities for some time now because I am getting older approaching 40 and my spouse and I avoid each other... READ MORE

I'm insecure about my loose vagina. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the size?

Im a 30 years old mother of 2 kids each birthweight was 8.8 and 8.10 my husband and I planned on having 4 kids but I'm afraid of having any more kids... READ MORE

How can a woman have loose vagina without vaginal delivery?

Hi how can a women whos age is 19 have a loose vagina from the first time she had sex till now? She did not use any toys and nothing had been inside... READ MORE

Vaginal Rejuvenation for Non-Mother?

Will vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation restore a vagina to "just after your first time having sex" conditions? How long will the results... READ MORE

I Really Want a Vaginoplasty. Can I Just Make An Appointment For One?

I had a baby 3 months ago, and I don't ever intend to have more children. one was a bad enough experience. While I am not very loose down there, I... READ MORE

What is wrong with my vagina? I feel very loose and it looks awful. Is it something to be taken seriously? (photos)

Had 3rd baby 17wks ago big baby & his shoulder got stuck behind my pubic bone for 4 minutes. Iv been doing my kegals but unlike my previous 2 I still... READ MORE

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation for Young Childless Woman?

I'm 23 and I don't have kids but I'm worried my vagina is loose. My boyfriend says he thinks I'm tight, but he's clearly just being nice, because i... READ MORE

A&P repair & vaginal tightening; Won't doing one without the other increase the chance of failure?

My PC muscle is fine but vagina is very loose. The mesh surgery I had in 2001 did not address this problem. I'm told I need an A & P repair, which is... READ MORE

Vagina feels "looser" after performing kegal exercises?

Vagina feels "looser" after performing kegal exercises. The best way I can describe it is the vagina feels looser as in I have to clench it while... READ MORE

Recommendations for course of action regarding my vagina? (photos)

I am 19 years old and very conscious of the way my vagina looks.I seem to have rather ugly looking vagina.What kind of treatment would you... READ MORE

I had a boyfriend for 4yrs & had sex n no. of times & v broke up. Should I undergo vaginoplasty to tighten it. Cost plz

I had a boyfriend for 4years & v had sexual intercourse n number of times & now that v broke up my parents want me to get married. But I'm worried as... READ MORE

What does Vaginal Tightening entail? How long is recovery time,? What is approximate cost?

I 29 years old, and I am looking into Vaginal tightening. I feel my vagina has become loose after 3 kids (2 natural 1 C-section). Would this procedure... READ MORE

Hymemoplasty; the suture fell off and had to be redone. Any suggestions?

I had hymemoplasty 2 months back n a suture fell off n doctor did it again before 8 days .. he said that he had to redo it as it was all loose n again... READ MORE

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