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How much does vagina tightening cost?

I have heard that it is possible with one or two stiches to make a woman's vagina more tight. Is that really possible and how much is it? How Much for... READ MORE

Loose Skin Between Vaginal Hole and Anus? (photo)

I have this loose skin between vaginal hole and anus since as long as i looks like a tail and is quite doesnt hurt or... READ MORE

Is my vaginal opening normal? I feel like it is abnormal (Photo)

There is never any pain or itching. I noticed one side had more skin and then I looked at it more and if I pull on one side there is a small hole. I'm... READ MORE

Labiaplasty Vs Vaginoplasty ~ How Are They Different?

How is a labiaplasty different from a vaginoplasty? How do I know which procedure I need? READ MORE

What Are the Side Effects of Vaginoplasty?

I had a vaginoplsty 7 yrs ago and I have a hard time to get pregnant. What should I do? Do you think vaginoplasty is the reason. I have a daughter... READ MORE

Hymen repair surgery after first intercourse is it successful? (photo)

Hey doctor i had sex once after that i got hymen repair surgery and 1 think the intercourse was for 2 mins only after that i bleed and felt sore here... READ MORE

How Common is Loss of Sensation After Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery?

Since giving birth vaginally a year ago, I've become loose. The entrance of my vagina is tight, but further back I can't feel anything during sex. I'm... READ MORE

How Long Do the Results of Vaginal Rejuvenation Last?

I am considering vaginal rejuvenation to tighten my vagina to be the same as it was when I first started having sex. It was tight for the forst 2... READ MORE

Vaginal Opening Weird Extra Skin? (photo)

I have something like a baby finger that is 2-3 cm tall and half cm diameter sticking out from my vaginal opening, I've had it for years after sexual... READ MORE

Everytime After We Have Sex I End Up with Cuts. How Do I Pervent Them? Im Always Looking at my Cervix. Whats Wrong with Mine?!

Hes 19, and very large. I don't ever feel the cutting and it leaves my vagina looking very ugly after healing. It turns purple. I take weekly videos... READ MORE

Do I Need to See a Urogynecologist or if This Can Be Resolved with Vaginoplasty? (photo)

I had a large baby during vaginal birth with an episiotomy that was never healed and sutures came out. doctor said would heal in time and now two... READ MORE

Concerned about extra tissue above vaginal opening. Should I be concerned? (Photo)

I just really noticed this fleshy mass that sits between my urethra & vaginal opening. There are some small folds & flaps which stick out in... READ MORE

18 Months Later Did my Vagina Heal Wrong? (photo)

I had my first baby 18 months ago. Since then I still have trouble holding in my urine, (I pee when I sneeze or cough). It still hurts to have sex.... READ MORE

Xylocaine Ointment Use After Vaginoplasty

Two weeks after my vaginoplasty surgery, I started having severe constipation. I used to suffer from piles in the past as well and was advised by a... READ MORE

I'm Hoping Someone Can Help. I Gave Birth to my Daughter 14 Months Ago and Noticed Something Wrong Tonight?

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I gave birth to my daughter 14 months ago and noticed something wrong tonight. I've never been one to randomly look... READ MORE

Vagina Tightening?

Hello, What can been done to tighten the vagina for sexual pleasure? I have one child and have experienced loosening beforw giving birth and even more... READ MORE

Vaginoplasty to Decrease Laxity from Childbirth?

I would like to know if vaginoplasty would be a good option for me. 19 yrs ago, I had a difficult vaginal delivery. I was in labor for 56 hours, and... READ MORE

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