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What's Normal for Grid Marks After Affirm CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

21, after having my face, neck & chest resurfaced w/the Affirm Co2 laser, I still have dot-track marks (grid like) on my cheeks, under eyes, chin & neck. I'm sure... READ MORE

IPL And/or Microdermabrasion After Affirm Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have mild grid-like track marks and lines on my face from the Affirm co2 laser resurfacing I had done a month ago (1 session instead of 3-4). Would IPL or microdermabrastion... READ MORE

How Long Before Spider Veins Disappear With Asclera??

I went in on 3/31 for Asclera injections on my right leg for very small spider veins. Four days later & the veins are still there & now I have red puncture marks.. It... READ MORE

How Long Before I See Asclera Results?

I had asclera a week ago on my right thigh and the ONE spider vein I wanted dissolved is Still there and now I have a bunch of red puncture marks and a hard mass the size of a... READ MORE

Is Thermage Good for Tightening Under Eye Creepiness?

I love botox, but it causes my big cheeks to move UP instead of to the side & up (cause of crows feet).. so, it's working to prevent more crows feet, but it's... READ MORE

I Was Told Not to Use Moisturizer After IPL, Why?

I read that you should use moisturizer after IPL, but when I had it done, my doctor told me NOT to use any to help speed up the "clearing" of the coffee grounds. Sure... READ MORE