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Reviews by skingirl10

Not really worth it for significant scarring - Santa Monica, CA

I just had Total FX, two days ago on July 22, 2008 in Santa Monica, CA. She is the dermatologist seen on the show "Extreme Makeover", but it was actually one of her nurses that performed the procedure for acne scarring and a few small undereye wrinkles. I am a 41 year old female with... READ MORE

Upper Lip Lift with Dr. Randal Haworth - Beverly Hills, CA

It's really too soon for me to post my final opinion on my surgery I just had 3 days ago with Dr. Randal Haworth since results won't be known for quite awhile due to swelling, however Real Self insists I make a choice in order to write a review of my experience. After a couple of more weeks I... READ MORE

Lower Blepharoplasty with Fat Transfer by Dr. Randal Haworth - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Haworth performed a lower blepharoplasty w/ fat transfer on my eyes 6 days ago, using dissolvable sutures. The incision was made directly under my lower lash line. I have bags under my eyes at age 46 that show up in the morning and later in the afternoon, making me look tired. Deep sockets... READ MORE

Questions from skingirl10

Can a Browlift Stretch the Forehead Skin to Minimize Acne Scarring Not Helped by Prior Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion??

I am 45 with no sun damage to my skin, however I have bad acne scars on my forehead. I have had dermabrasion when I was 25, followed by two CO2 laser treatments, and 4 Fraxel... READ MORE

Common to Experience Asymmetry in with an Upper Lip Lift Procedure During Healing?

My upper lip lift surgery was performed only 3 days ago, but my swelling is going down now & I see asymmetry where my right upper lip is higher than my left upper lip in... READ MORE

Experiencing Lower Lid Evasion 6 Days Post Lower Blepharoplasty. Will Massaging Help?

My plastic surgeon recommended I massage my lower eyelids in an upward motion to try and help my now loose lower eyelids sit closer to the eyeballs as before my surgery. The... READ MORE

Worried About 6 Day Post Op Drooping of Lower Eyelids from Lower Blepharoplasty. What Can I Do to Help Resolve This? (photo)

I am 46 and have a negative vector where my eyes are forward and my cheekbones from profile view are behind the eye level. I had a lower blepharoplasty 6 days ago. By day 5 one... READ MORE

How Long is It Necessary to Sleep with Head Elevated, Post Fat Transfer to Face?

My lower blepharoplasty with fat transfer to tear trough/ lower eye socket and upper cheek pad was done exactly two weeks ago. The eyes are 90% back to normal without swelling,... READ MORE

Can I Expedite REDUCTION of Swelling 4 Wks Post Op to Nostrils from Upper Lip Lift Procedure Involving Muscle Hemming? (photo)

My upper lip lift looks amazing, and surgery was 4 wks ago, but my nostrils and the cartilage that separates the nostrils on the outside and the inside of my nose is as swollen... READ MORE

Lip lift changed base of nose and nostrils, creating wider appearance and crooked nostrils. Can this be corrected? (Photos)

I am 6 months post op on an upper lip lift. I love the lip lift but do not like how it has changed my nose at the bottom. Specifically, my nose appears wider along the incision... READ MORE

Looking for a plastic surgeon in LA renown for amazing work in lipo re shaping of hip, thigh, waist area.

Looking for a plastic surgeon in LA renown for amazing work in lipo re shaping of hip, thigh, waist area. What are the chances if getting dents and rippling from liposuction to... READ MORE