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Going For It - Cherry Hill, NJ

32 years old. 2 children, 10 and 8 years old. it,s time. i've been wanting to do this for a while now. I'm scheduled for July 8th. my preop is tomorrow, June 23rd. writing down all my last minute questions. this is it, I'm taking the plunge. wish me luck...I'm so anxious that I... READ MORE

Questions from creampie

Compromised Abdominal Muscles Because of Tummy Tuck?

Are there other muscles located in he lower abdomine which are compromised when the insition is made? I heard that when the incision during the abdominoplasty is made to the... READ MORE

Can Vitamins Help in the Healing Process of a Tummy Tuck?

I want to see a nutritionist befor my surgery. I think that I am vitamine deficient. Would this help in the healing process of the tummy tuck? READ MORE

With the Lockwood Procedure, How Are the Muscles Tightened Properly with Such a Small Seperation of Skin?

If less skin is separated in this procedure. doesnt it make i harder to view exactly where the muscles need to be tightened and therefore make it harder to tightent the stomach... READ MORE

How is Stomach Supposed to Heal with a Combined Brazillian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck?

If your on your stomach for three weeks while healing from the butt lift, how can your stomach heal and how are the drains going to work? by the way how do you use the bathroom... READ MORE

If Lockwood Procedure is Better, Why Don't More Doctors Do It?

Why isn't everyone using or choosing the lockwood procedure and tumescent tummy tuck? If the lockwood procedure for the tummy tuck along with the Tumescent approach safer and... READ MORE

What is the Newest "No Undermining" Technique for Tummy Tucks?

What technique is this refering to concerning tummy tucks? READ MORE

Can Lipo of Upper Arms and Back Be Combined with a Full Tummy Tuck?

If so, what are some of the down sides of this? for instance if the arms are sore are you still able to take care of the post op tummy tuck needs? READ MORE

What Are the Benifits of Regional Anesthesia over General Anesthesia for Tummy Tuck?

Some drs refer to a Tumescent approach when performing a tummy tuck where only the area being worked on is treated and that this is safer and helps to prevent clotting. are the... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks to Using Low-dose Heparin for Tummy Tuck?

What is the purpose of a blood thinner and what are the benifits/risks? READ MORE

How Long After Tumescent Tummy Tuck Should You Watch for Increased Bleeding?

If I decide to go with a tumescent tummy tuck because my doctor says it is safe. should I still watch for the risk of increased bleeding and if so for how long after the procedure? READ MORE

What is Localized Fat?

Is this fat any different from other body fat? READ MORE

Will Lipo Increase the Tendency to Gain Weight in Other Problem Areas?

I have issues with weight gain in stomack, back, upper back and arm areas. If get lipo in the abdomin and flanks only will this increase my tendency to gain weight in the other... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Mother of 2 to Only Need Lipo of the Abdomen and Flanks?

I am a mother of two, I was a examined by a very reputable surgeon and was told that my muscles were not very spread apart and that with lipo I should recieve a good outcome... READ MORE

Does Superficial Liposuction and Sub-dermal Tunneling Help Tighten the Skin?

One doctor says this procedure CAN help tighten the skin. Does CAN mean mayby, maybe not or most likely will? READ MORE

Power Assisted Lipo Vs Ultrasound Assisted Lipo- What's the Difference?

Can these really help tighten and leave wanting results for the abdomen? READ MORE

IV Sedation for Unrelated Procedure Before Tummy Tuck. How Long Should I Wait?

I am getting bunions removed from my toes. IV sedation, 4 toes being worked on. how long should I wait after this surgery to have a tummy tuck? READ MORE

What Are the Risks of General Anesthesia?

Why is general anesthesia said to put patience in a state of coma. does this affect the brain function the way a comma might for the lenght of time a patient is under? READ MORE