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LMR, Lumigan and Latisse (and the generic/foreign product) all have 0.03% of the active ingredient. I'm surprised a nurse didn't research this before posting. READ COMMENT

Once again you've made a fool out of yourself. The product has had FDA approval and been on the market for many years. This is just a relabeling of a glaucoma medication. No one is a guinea pig. If there were any guinea pigs, they were... READ COMMENT

The n-acetyl-cysteine is a great tip. Thank you. My trich is limited to my lashes and brows, rarely doing noticeable damage to my brows, but ever few months I pull enough eyelashes to make an obvious gap (or several). I'm thinking of... READ COMMENT

DON'T let your doctor con you into going on antidepressants for a trichotillimania! 1) Antidepressants can CAUSE trichotillimania, or make it worse. 2) Antidepressants have all kinds of horrible side effects that would make them SO... READ COMMENT