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I am a heinz 57 mixture with Italian, Canadian, & Mexican. I am 34, 5'3 and 173 ( looks like I'm the biggest on here), but have to admit that I don't look that big. After having 2 kids, being on the pill, then tying my tubes... I got fat :( I'm so insecure with how I look and feel. I took... READ MORE

Can't Stand This Tummy Tuck of Mine-Houston Cortes

Well I'm 2 days post op and feeling pretty good. I Was expecting the worse. Now I had a bbl exactly a year ago and let me tell you... f that, the bbl is the worst compared to this tt. Dr Cortes is an amazing dr. Super friendly and sweet. Listened to me on what I wanted. He injected fat to my... READ MORE

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When you have a tummy tuck done, is it normal to have extra loose skin post op? (photo)

I'm 3 months post op. Faithful to my garment everyday. Why do I still have rolls and why am I not flat? I'm pretty bummed about my results. I thought I was going to get flat... READ MORE

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I'm glad you went to somebody to fix you up from Cortes's half assed surgery. My revision was supposed to be June 25th but a family emergency came up so I had to reschedule for next year. I hate my tummy tuck, Cortes did a shitty job.... READ COMMENT

I would never go to him nor recommend him to anyone.... never!!! READ COMMENT

My surgery date is June 25th... getting my tummy tuck revised since I went to Dr Cortes in Houston which was a big mistake, he messed up on my tuck, he messed up on a few of us, so here I am wasting more money to get it done right.... READ COMMENT

I really think the bbl is worse than the tummy tuck to be honest. I've had both done but need a revision on my tummy tuck that I had done with Dr Cortes out in Houston, homeboy did a half assed job on a few tummy tucks. READ COMMENT

I cannot wait for him to do my tummy tuck redo since Dr Cortes out in Houston did a crappy job. I'm counting down the days. READ COMMENT