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Will ArteFill Flatten out if I Continuously Massage the Area?

I had ArteFill injected near my chin area and it was overfilled. Someone told me that if I continuously massage the area that it will flatten out. I need to know if this is... READ MORE

Any Risks with Kenalog to Diminish ArteFill Lump?

I was told that kenalog can help diminish ArteFill lump. I guess my main concern are the kenalog side affects. Could kenalog injected into the face cause significant atrophy.... READ MORE

Artefill Lump Making a Squeaky Noise

I have a lump from an Artefill injection. It has been more than 3 months and it is still not going away. When I press on it, it makes a little squeaky noise. Is this the... READ MORE

How Long Does Kenalog for Overfilled Artefill Injection Take to Work?

I had an injection of Kenalog-10 mixed with Lidocaine (about 5mg) in my chin area for an overfilled ArteFill injection. How long does Kenalog take to work? And, how long does... READ MORE

Can ArteFill Be Injected over Juvederm in NL Folds?

If a person has Juvederm in their NL folds and wants to supplement with ArteFill also, can the two be injected within a couple of months apart? I have received 1 injection of... READ MORE

Is It Possible I Still Have Some Juvederm Left After a Year?

Back in May of 2010 I was injected with ArteFill in the chin, which resulted in a lump. I received a shot of Kenalog to dilate the lump, which left an indent. The doctor said... READ MORE

Will Artefill Ever Go Away?

It has been 2 1/2 years since my chin was overfilled. The area is still raised. When I look in the mirror my chin looks uneven making other areas sunken in. I keep hoping that... READ MORE

Kenalog Injection Site is Now Raised?

Is it possible for an indent from a kenalog injection fill in too much? That is what happened to me. Now the area is raised and looks like a lump. It has been over a 3 years. I... READ MORE

Breast Looks Deformed After Simple Biopsy, Could This Be Torn Ligament?

About a month ago I had a biopsy in my left breast in the upper corner and noticed after I took the adhesive strips off that there was a line/slash indent going down the side... READ MORE