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Smartdot Laser - Ashburn, VA

I would do this again if the setting were done for wrinkles ,i understand you can go deeper ,but how deep is deep to get a good result ,i do not see ant mention of this on the web sites. having light skin and blue eyes i have been told im a good candidate for smartxide laser. i was looking for a... READ MORE

Questions from hether

Dr. Will Have To Go Deeper With Smart Dot Laser For Smoker Lines. How Is This Achieved?

I Have Red Skin Around my Cheeks when I Shower or Sauna Would I Be Good Candidate for Smart Dot Laser? i have booked in to my docter to have smart dot lazer under sedation for... READ MORE

How Long Is Normal Healing Time For Facial Smart Dot Lazer? (photo)

I am looking to have smart dot lazer on my face for wrinkles on my cheeks above lips ,i spoke to 1 docter who said this would be good for me he would do a 1 off treament been... READ MORE

Smartdot Lazer and Erbium Lazer Are They the Same Lazers?

I am thinking of having smart dot laser can you tell me if this will be the same as erbium laser. I have fair skin and wrinkles above my lips and around the eye area I want to... READ MORE

Co2 Redness Scabs Face, How Long Will this Last? (photo)

I have read so much on smartxide on this web site ,i have learnt that docters do say a 5/7 day down time ,i have read and seen pictures of people red well past 10 days ,i... READ MORE

Looking For Information About Face Tite

I am looking for info on facetite please can anyone give me advice on this treatment and how the recovery will be READ MORE

What Are The Best Co2 Smarxide Dot Laser Settings For Fair Skin? (photo)

Can anyone confirm what the setting are for a light and a med treatment i have read so much on this site of people saying they have had good results and some not so good ,this... READ MORE

What Does "Stacking" Mean In Reference to Co2 Smartxide Laser Tx? What's Best For Me? (photo)

I had smartxide dot laser at a setting of 18 ,no results skin red 3 days back to normal and at work day 3 .i am due for a second treatment as its been 2 mnths and no change in... READ MORE

Causes of Smartxide Pinpoint Bleeding?

I just had a second smartdot laser ,this time the machine noise sounded diffrent and also i had more pain and lots of pin point bleeding,iam day 2 no track marks and very... READ MORE

Ideal SmartDot Laser Setting for Wrinkles?

I have just had a second SartDot Laser, this time it was more painful and pinpoint bleeding. Also my doctor said the protocols have changed and he had new gas put in.... READ MORE

Smartdot What Does Stacking Mean and if Dots Are Closer Does This Mean a More Aggresive Treatment?

I have had a second smartdot treatment with stacking on 4 and 3 do not no what that means also can someone explain if the dots are closer does this mean a s=aggresive treatment... READ MORE

Itching and Tram Lines 3 Weeks After Smart Dot, How To Correct This?

Had a second smartdot this time i have itching and tram lines left on my neck,also my skin feels like sandpaper ,when i look close under a good light i can see all the dots... READ MORE

Second Treatment Smartdot Laser DIdn't Give The Results I Wanted, When Can I Get Next Treatment? (photo)

Second treatment smartxide dot with setting 18 stacking 4 on wrinkles with 2 passes can someone tell me if this is a aggressive treatment as i do not see improvement on... READ MORE

What Can I Do? Smartxide Laser Treatments Leaving Rough Texture and Dots.

I am 9 week post second treatment of smartxide laser , both times i had face and neck ,2nd time more aggresive, i have completly healed no problems on my fave on 2nd treatment... READ MORE

Discussions started by hether

I want to get rid of my smokers lines, what lasers are the best?

I want to get a good look to my skin, I have a few wrinkles round the eye area and more above the lips. Will Smart Dot be the best choice or would a different laser work... READ MORE

How To Determine Setting Used with Smartdot Laser for Wrinkles? No Results After First Treatment. (photo)

SMARTDOT have been all over the net looking at smartdot laser setting depth and dot size .NO ANSWERS i want to understand this treatment more as i never got NO results on my... READ MORE