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22 Year Old Silicone Implants Ruptured - New York

I went in for an MRI after suddenly feeli g some pain in my breasts. They've started feeling heavy and my bras dont fit. Im very petite. They're like 34DD now. I didnt know that they can grow. Im having an explant and total capsulectomy. I will be having drains in for a week since I had an... READ MORE

Questions from Linda6

If I remove 30 yr old 34D silicone, do I have to get new ones? Or a breast lift?

I have 34D silicone inplants for over 20 years. Went thru infection years ago. Had them teplaced once. They are not hard im in 60s now and am very uncomfortable. READ MORE

Im having sharp pain in my 20 year old breast implant today. I can't sleep. Should I have an MRI?

Should I get an MRI to see if its ruptured or should I find a plastic surgeon in Manhattan. Im terrified. Im all alone. Sharp like psins toward nipple area. The breasts are... READ MORE

Should I get an MRI and have results before I schedule a visit with a plastic surgeon to see if 20 yr old silicone has ruptured?

I do not have capsulation. They are way too large for me now that I'm older. I'm very scared to go thru this surgery. I had an infection in 1993 and had the right one replaced.... READ MORE

Can I get removal and lift together. Cant go thru 2 surgeries.

Got mri results. Intacapsular ruptutres of 22 yr old siliccon. Fluid hasnt leaked. I want to remove them and get a breast lift at the same time. They are hanging too low and im... READ MORE

Can you remove lipo garment after 4 days? Still have drains from explant and breast lift.

Who makes a lipo garment with a large enough hole to move your bowels. This one has hooks and zipper. Is it safe to take it down with the drains. READ MORE

Had explant and breast lift last Wed. Which compression bra is recommended?

Which kind of compression after breast explant and breast lift. Hooks in front etc READ MORE

Got an allergic reaction to glue following explant and breast lift last week. Happened yesterday after removal of drains.

What are the names of the glues used so that i can tell my allergist i got a rash after glue put on yesterday. It starts with a M ed.... READ MORE

What treatment is there for Mastiol under breast rash? My explant and breast of 22 yr old implant removal was successful (Photo)

The dr didnt know I have contact dermatitis and used Mastiol glue. How do you drs,treat it. I have been using today benadryl and 0.1% triamcinole Acetonide Cream. The rash is... READ MORE

Can micro droplets of silicone done 5 yrs,ago. I have that puffy cheek look. Any suggestions?

Can another filler be used to fill out areas above cheeks and hollows under eyes. I see that you have to live with this distorted look. Can juviderm voluma be used READ MORE

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What platic surgeon can remove Bioalcamid in Manhattan?

Who is the most experienced plastic surgeon in Manhattan to remove bioalcamid in upper face, and do revision surgery. I had a massive infection and lost tissue on side of face... READ MORE

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Loved having my 34DD. Just wait until you are older. I just had my implants removed with a breast lift. Best thing I ever did. Enjoy them while you have them. Not worth all the problems. READ COMMENT

The appt with Dr Lee was a waste of time. He offered me no advice and was very infofferent to me. I have sice hsd my ruptured 22 yr oldsilicone implants explanted with s breadt lift. It was very successful. Found a warm compassionate dr... READ COMMENT

Just had my 22 yr old implants out with abreast lift last week. Im wearing a compression bar with full velcro. READ COMMENT

Had explant and breast life after removing 22 yr old silicone. Surgery came out great. Had severe allergic reaction to Mastisol glue last night. READ COMMENT

Im getting a breast lift after the explant. You dont look like you had a lift? READ COMMENT