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What platic surgeon can remove Bioalcamid in Manhattan?

Who is the most experienced plastic surgeon in Manhattan to remove bioalcamid in upper face, and do revision surgery. I had a massive infection and lost tissue on side of face... READ MORE

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I just found her name. Joan Kron google it. Allure mag right beliw her site. right me after you read it. READ COMMENT

She makes me want to throw up with all her lies. Her face is totally ruined. I looked exactly like Victoria Beckham now I look at a totally diff face. I had silicone years ago in cheeks. Six years later I have that puffy face look. I... READ COMMENT

Dr Soren White injected me with bioalcamid March 2005 and woke up March 2010 with massive staph infection. I looked like a prize fighter. My whole face wss red swollen and piss was pouring out of my temple. I had to be drained twice a... READ COMMENT

Dr Prasad here in Manhattan charged me $5000 for fat in temples where I lost volume from bioalcamid staph infection.It lasted about 30 days. Hows that for compsssion knowing the hell I went through withbthe staph. Now my eyes are a mess... READ COMMENT

My problem did not come from lasers. I had a major staph infection from bioalcamid. I atrophied after having pus removed from my temples for over a long period. I had a fat transfer in the dents didnt even ladt 30 days Dr Prasad here in... READ COMMENT